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Has a ghost followed me to my boyfriend’s house?

From: Rensey01

My Experience : My name is Rensey and I experienced something paranormal and I really want to know what it was that I saw.

It happened when I was at my boyfriend’s house and was lying in his bed while he was cheking out something on his computer. I was just looking around, waiting for him to be done. Then my eyes landed on the tiny window of his bedroom door. In that tiny window I saw the most eerie face imaginable. It seemed like something out of a horror movie. And it was staring at me. I just couldn’t take my eyes of it, it was just so creepy. It seemed like minutes passed but it was probally just a few seconds and till I finally looked away. I started pannicking a bit because of what I saw and just coudn’t move or talk because I was so scared. That was when my boyfriend turned around (his back was facing me while he was on his computer so he didn’t really now what just happened) and quickly came to me to ask me what happened because he probably saw how scared I was. I couldn’t look at the bedroom door the entire evening. I still don’t now what it was that I saw that night :/

Some people might think it’s sleep paralysis, but I know that wasn’t it because I was wide awake. I was still thinking and talking to my boyfriend, the lights were still on,… So it couldn’t be sleep paralisys.

The week this happened, my great grand mother past away. At first I thought it might be related to her passing or something (I believe in ghosts etc). But that face couldn’t be my great grandmother. She was so lovely while that face looked like some kind of a demon. It was pale, had black eyes, open mouth (I couldn’t see teeth or anything it was just a black hole),…

at my house I allso experienced some paranormal things. I hear foodsteps upstairs when I’m home alone, my dog starts barking and looking at something that’s not there, my mom asked me why I keep walking around the house at night while I don’t (I don’t sleepwalk) so she also hears the footsteps,I always feel like I’m being watched late at night or when I’m home alone,… Is it some kind of ghost or something at my house that followed me to my boyfriend’s house?

So can anyone PLEASE tell me what it was? And if it is dangerous or anything?


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Updated: August 2, 2016 — 8:02 pm


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  1. That sounds like something demonic or uninvited. what i would do is cleanse the house with sage and keep out all the things you don’t want in your house. tell it to get out and to leave you alone.

    1. that has a chance to do it, but sometimes the spirit will not leave the house unless extreme precautios are taken, like gettig help from a preist, but by all means she can definitely try to get rid of the entity. And sage has the trick to do it but again ot all te time would that help. GOOD LUCK Rensey01!

  2. When your grandmother past away it could of been her, but unless she was cold and bitter which you said she wasn’t (please don’t take offece to that if you did) then it wasn’t her. The seeing of an apperation, a “black hole” apperation is dangerous, the danger that comes to that is a lot of hearig, seeing, feeling and smelling. The physicallities that come with that can be dangerous, almost, if not always, a black hole apperation can be dangerous. The feeling of being watched is a 50/50 percent chance that it is your grandmother or the black hole apperation. I would highly encourage you to not use anything that will upset the spirit, nothing like a ouija board or any seances what so ever. If the problem escalades to more dangerous then try your best to get out. And out of those problems your grandmother problably isn’t in it. Take extreme caution. And keep me up to date with your problem.

  3. Keep yourself clean. Especially when you are in your menses. Wash yourself with water thrice after going to the urinal as well as after passing stool. Take off excess body hair once in 21 days. Light a candle in the name of “My Lady Fatima”.

  4. It seems like a demonic precence has entered your home. This is extremely dangerous. I am sorry, i can’t help you because im only 11. I do have advice though. Start off with blessing the house, that can get rid of a demon for a SHORT TIME. If that doesn’t work, get in paranormal investigators and demonologists. They can get you proof to show to the church so you can get a priest in your house. If that doesn’t work either, i don’t know what would work…

  5. There are celtic myths about the banshee which are attached to certain families, it’s said that before a family member dies, you would see or hear a banshee’s scream. It sounds a bit similar, maybe you could look into that?

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