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Many times I will get a serious feeling of deja vu

From: Lisa Mack

My Experience : Many times I will get a serious feeling of deja vu. It is usually a sound that sets it in motion and usually only lasts for a couple seconds, but I’m usually thinking “I dreamed this…what does it mean”. One particular event was a dream I had at about 12 years old. In it I was playing the game of LIFE with my sister and she says “I’n the banker I’m always on duty” The only visual I had was the game board and an arm reaching across it with a brown striped sweater. I never said anything to my family but the phrase “always on duty” stuck in my head . At 15 I had my first boyfriend and he spent the day at my house as I had to watch my sister that day. We decided to play the game of LIFE. I didn’t realize until my sister was handing my boyfriend his money and made the statement “I’m the banker, I’m always on duty” I don’t know why I was given the vision and what relevance it had.


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Updated: August 2, 2016 — 8:07 pm

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