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How to get out of dreams like this in the future?

Name: Sally

My Experience: It’s not so much paranormal as just distressing and bizarre. I was sleeping in my cousin’s room as a kid, after my sister and cousin were trying to get me to play bloody marry. I started getting paranoid about it, and tried to fall asleep. My dreams started out normal, but soon I started to feel completely lucid and it was almost like I was in the movie inception. Whenever I realized something wasn’t right, the dream would switch to another. However after two times or so, I thought I woke up in the room, laying down. But I was still dreaming. The thing about this, is that I was stuck in this never ending loop- waking up in my futon, trying to see if I was really awake this time. I would notice discrepancies which would trigger the dream to reset. Every time it did, it would get closer to reality so that it became even harder to figure out if I truly was awake or dreaming. I remember the beginnings, I would see light in the hallway, and my aunt would come out to greet me but I would notice that it wasn’t the right aunt. That’s when I woke up back on that futon and heard a creepy laughter in the background. I started feeling distressed, because I wanted to get out and it felt like someone was keeping me there. When I tried to walk past rooms where other family members were asleep, or try to approach them, I would get dizzy and/or reset the dream again. The first time (after so many attempts) I finally reached my mom, but when she got up she had a completely different voice, which reset the dream again. After that, the dream reset like 30 times in a row.. every single time I sat up, it would reset. I laid still for a while, hoping it wouldn’t reset again.. and was back at it, trying to find discrepancies big enough to shake myself awake. I contemplated hurting myself, but I felt pain.. so I was afraid of using sharp tools without knowing if it was real life. I could feel touch, everything felt so incredibly real especially after the dream would reset to fix the discrepancies.. I tried covering more space, because my brain couldn’t possibly recreate every hallway and street perfectly since I didn’t live there.. but I was too afraid of leaving the apartment as a child, in the dead of night. So I was stuck, wandering around trying desperately to wake up, and testing whether this time, I truly was awake since everything looked real… I was stuck in this labyrinth dream for so long that I honestly thought I maybe died, and was in limbo. That maybe I was murdered in my sleep, and my soul was trapped here now. That’s how much time I spent there, enough to sketch out the place and attempt different things to get out of there. When I FINALLY actually woke up, the sun had just started to rise, it was probably 6am. I rushed to my mom, begging for her to wake me up and if it’s real this time. When she tried to reassure me that I was awake already, I kept crying and wouldn’t believe her because I had been tricked and trapped in that labyrinth nightmare for so long. I was terrified of falling asleep. I just sat there for hours expecting to wake up in that futon on the floor, with that sinister thing keeping me there. I honestly felt emotionally tortured, being stuck there for so long, fully lucid and aware, but unable to wake up and explain why this was happening to me. Thankfully, I had a few partially lucid dreams after that but never to that extent.
I really would like to know how to get out of dreams like this in the future, just in case… I don’t want to ever end up back there again.


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Updated: December 14, 2016 — 10:22 am

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  1. Sally, the only thing that has helped me get out of my nightmarish dreams is by calling out for Jesus to help me. I don’t know if you are Christian or not, but it truly does work. It’s important you say his name specifically though…not God help, but Jesus.

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