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I heard the voice of a woman and children crying

My Name : Simple minds

My Paranormal Exoperience: As a young child I grew up briefly with a mother and a drunk step father from age 5 to 7. We moved two times within the time period. There was something I never expected to happen. We moved to a small town with less than 1000 people that had no grocery store nor gas station. As small as it was there was a tragedy that happened years before our move. A school had burnt down causing some students not making it out of the building in time. Trying to fit in being the bullied 7 year old i was, i took a dare i will always regret. It was sunset and there were 5 of us standing in front of the remains of the burned school. They told me to go into the building. I was hesitant but wanted to fit in. I was tired of being bullied to where i was crying behind the bus stop and hiding on the playground. Removing the fear i entered the building with confidence. The building smelled of old wood and a nasty fragrence so bad you had to cover your nose to even bear the environment. About 5 minutes in of entering the school i started feeling strange, almost frozen in my tracks. The further in i got the worse i started feeling. 10 minutes in i heard the voice of a woman and children crying which made me run out the door all the way home. My ability to communicate with spirits and see them came to me after that. After a few years of experiencing that i had already been moved into the foster care system. The family i lived with was kind, not religous, and gentle people. We moved from the home to get a larger house due to the need to take in more kids. Walking up the stairs i had a feeling of being uncomfortable and felt like someone was watching me. Several months of being in our new place the feeling eased off a bit until one sunday morning. I had been waiting on the church bus to come get me realizing my bible was still upstairs. Before i could even get to the stairs i heard a loud thump that came from my room. I was the only one home at the time. Walking up the stairs cautiously i slowly approched my bedroom to find my bible on the floor when it was on my dresser. My chest started getting heavy so i ran out to the bus as fast as i could. When i told my foster mom about it she told me it was my imagination. Nobody has ever truly believed me sbout being able to communicate with the dead to this day. Present day: about a month and a half ago my fiance and i were upstairs talking when we heard a glass break. The big dogs were in their rooms and the other two are not capable of doing so themselves due to size and age. I was going to go grab the laundry and it was around 3 am. My fiance went to investigate the case of the broken glass. It took him 15 minutes to find what it was. We have a 3 tier picture frame holder with barracades high enough to support them also keep them from tumbling oover. He calls me down stairs to show me. On the top tier was the only religious quote knocked face down. The other two remained on the second and third tier. He snapped a picture to where you can see the face of a man. I’m now 26 years old and still experience paranormal activity. Do i fear some entities? Yes but it doesn’t really bother me as much. If you mess with spirits or taunt they can follow you. Be careful my fellow paranormal hunters and happy holidays


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  1. Hi there. My name is Jessica and I am 24 years old. I have had numerous paranormal experiences in my short 24 years….

    Somehow ever since I can remember even as far back as my birth–I have always sensed several spirits watching me like as though they were guardian angels….but I just strangely Realized days earlier that I now Know Why I’m here and of my past lives…..and yes I Am a Christian but I have an Open Mind and I try my best not to judge others. I am a Psycic Medium or that is just one of the many Careers I want to do…I’ll get into detail of the remainder of this section in a bit. I don’t want to forget to Tell you my paranormal experiences.

    One of my earliest memories was when I was only 9 years old: I was getting ready for school when my mom told me to hurry up. I began to argue with her but before I could even say anything I looked into the mirror as I sensed someone staring at me. It was a face of what I believe was an Angel and he had fiery gold eyes that bore into me and when he spoke his voice was of a great rumbling earthquake and the room vibrated and shook but somehow only I could feel the aftermath of great terror as I was told by him to Not Disobey My Mom. And when he disappeared I came running towards my mom in tears and I told her I was sorry.

    I have many more true stories to Share with whomever I can help.

  2. Hi! I am very fascinated by your story. But to get a better picture, I want to ask you several questions.

    Were you not able to see spirits before this incident?

    Can you actually communicate with the spirits? If so, what did you guys communicate about?

    Does your partner believe in spirits as well?

    When your partner took a picture of the incident, you said that he got a picture of a man. You did not recognize this man right?

    Lastly, what do you think is the relationship between religion and the spirits?

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