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Does anyone know anything about a ghost women in white?

My Name :Dawn

My Paranormal Experience: What I’m about to bring up is very hard for me to type out, but I was wondering if anyone especially those who are very in tune with spirit energy could shed some light on this for me. I’m not the type of person to believe in ghost stories and I’m not sure if I believe in heaven. What I am about to type is more to have a conversation or find an answer. My younger brother (my only sibling) passed away on December 11th 2016. His death was very tragic and unexpected. He was 19 years old. A week before this happened he called my mom he told her that he had seen a ghost, a women in a white dress with her arms held out, he had also messaged me over Facebook telling me that he had seen this ghost. At first I was sceptical but he swore he saw it, his GF and her family (he was away visiting them in another town) said that night he saw the ghost he was restless and walking from room to room. He had told them that he thinks something bad is going to happen and that he has an overwhelming feeling that something will happen, he thought maybe it was a sign that our uncle was going to pass because our uncle is sick and was given less then a year to live. It’s really been messing with my mind but I think it has to mean something that there is something after this life. The night of his passing his GF told me that while they were out walking a owl had swooped down and fly beside them, she said it was like something out of a dream and I have to believe that these things are not coincidence that there is something more going on. Does anyone know anything about a ghost women in white? Or could give me more insight into this?


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  1. In my child hood I saw the woman in white frequently when I was ten 11 it was to my horror I found shed had also been seen years befor when I was a baby from my experience I would say shes a demonic entirety that prays on children and young teens I remember her walking out one night when I was in my bunk bed and her face changed to that of a type of skelington reading your post braight tears to my eyes as now im 25 it still is an extremely traumatic event and I pray I never see her agian it took us moving 300 miles last time if any one every suspects see a priest to bless the house as moving dose not always work

  2. I know this women: she’s a poltergeist: the one type of evil ghost. How old did she look? If she looked like she was 12, I think I saw her at a sleepover when I was 7. I dont know if there simaler, but maybe.

    Ps I’m really sorry about your brothers death.

  3. This doesnt really pertain to your story. First of all, i’m so sorry for your loss and i will pray for your families healing. I had a similar experience concerning a sign or omen of death to come. It was 2014, i was living with my bf of almost three years. We had our problems and everything….well, you should know that i am considered to be somewhat of an empath. A person who feels and empathisizes more deeply than most people. I also have strong senses and experience alot of deja vu type stuff. Back to my story….it was a Sunday morning and we were still asleep because we always stayed up super late. When suddenly a large brown and grey bird (i’m not sure of the species, it was close to the size of like a seagull) started flying frantically around our house. Needless to say that it scared the hell out of me. So my boyfriend gets up opens the door and chases it out, while i search the house for an entry point from which it could have gotten in. I didnt find one, as far as i could tell there was no way it could have gotten in the house. I was unnerved and uneasy, something wasn’t right about it. So later that day i go to work, still kinda freaked out but trying to focus on my work. A co worker comes to me and asks what was wrong so i told him about the bizarre bird experience and how i felt weird about it and all. He had a strange look on his face and asked me if anyone in my family or anyone i knew was sick. I said no, then i asked him why he asked me that. Now, i’ m from california but had been living in the south (ky) for some years. He said that in the south people believe that a wild bird caught in your house is a sign or an omen of impending death. I have to admit i was worried about something bad happening. Well since i didn’t know of anyone that was sick at the time, i just chalked it up to coincidence, tried to put it out of my mind and go on with life. Well, exactly a week later my boyfriend was murdered in our house by a neighbor of ours. Though i have never witnessed the woman in white, i do believe in signs-now more than ever. I will never forget this horrible, tragic experience.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss <3

  4. I grew up in a house that was haunted by several entities. One, seemed to be evil well the other ones seemed harmless although scary. Whenever I would have an experience with the evil one it would terrify me. But I noticed whenever I would see this woman dressed in all-white standing outside my bedroom door, the bad when wouldn’t come so I always felt as if she was there to protect me. My mother also saw her watching me while I was asleep period I never felt anything bad or negative coming from her which was soothing considering the fact that when I saw her I never saw the bad one which was usually in the form of a shadow person

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