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Was it Papa sitting in the rocking chair watching over Nana

From: Millie Sampson

My Experience : Not a personal experience, but I’d still like to share my Nanas experience
(Just so it makes sense to everyone, Nana = Grandmother, Papa = Grandfather) 🙂

So before moving to her new house, my Nana lived in a 120 year old, Yorkshire cottage. The house was amazing, the original 120 year old wooden furnishing looked 5 years old, not over a century. This place was beautifully well kept.

My Nanas experience focuses mainly around a wooden rocking chair. So this chair was quite old, it was made by my Papa in the 50’s, I wish I had pictures to show just how wonderfully crafted it was, my Nana use to say it took him over a year to make it. Not really significant but something really sweet, the chair was his gift to my Nana for their wedding day, and he’d enscribed their initials and wedding date on it, such a sweet man. However I remember growing up knowing that was my Papas chair, I have memories of him reading a newspaper, or being on his knee. I never ever saw anyone else on it.

My Papa unfortunately died in 2002, My Grandma was distraught, she moved the rocking chair into her room, I think she wanted to be reminded how much he loved her. So after a year my grandma, was asleep and was woken in the middle of the night by the chair slowly creaking back and forth, it took her a few seconds to realise it was the rocking chair moving, but when she went to look at it had completely stopped. She said it had really spooked her, she describe just having the feeling of being watched by another presence, but she didn’t want to worry us, so she tried to think nothing of it.

However, a few weeks later the same exact thing occurred, she was awoken by the chair, slowly creaking back and forth, however when she went to look at it, the chair looked to slowly come to a stop, as though someone had just been on the chair.

When she decided to tell me and my mum about it, she said that she thinks it was my Papa sitting in his chair, watching over her, like a guardian angel. I’d really like to think that it was Papa, making sure his Marry was safe and well ❤️


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Updated: February 4, 2017 — 7:02 pm

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  1. My eyes started to water when I read the part about the chair rocking. I instantly thought it could have been her husband!! This story is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!!❤

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