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An entity attached itself to my ex wife in Clare Michigan

From: Robert Thompson

My Experience: My ex wife and I met in the summer of 2009; we didn’t date and jumped right to left together. Everything started out great. No problems, fights, anything. We got married in March of 2010 (we fast tracked our relationship I know). We were living in these apartments in Clare, Michigan. Within 2 months of being married the atmosphere in our house changed not for the good. Stuff was moved constantly, DVDs thrown on the floor, furniture flipped, the works. At first it was just that stuff then came the old woman that tried multiple times to push me down the stairs then the dark haired faceless woman appeared and was constantly tormented me and my ex’s 3 yr old son. Pulling him out of his bed, scratching him. When I changed rooms with him she attacked me. Scratched my chest, my back. Pulled me out the bed. Held me down and screamed “get out” at me. She attacked a friend and scared him so bad he left and never came back to the house for anything. I used sage and said a little prayer and they were gone but something darker was left. It was just a dark shadow figure that attached to my ex’s daughter and gave her nightmares. That lasted about 2 weeks. Next was this entity that attached to my ex wife. This one tried to claim my ex as his own. Constantly went after her as scratched her Ave bit her. I tried cleansing the house, burning sage, doing prayers. Nothing worked just made it mad. It carved the weird “mine” into her thigh. That was the last straw; I called a priest to bless the house. He refused to come in and left. We called a psychic and everything else we could think of. They either wouldn’t ever our house or left before leaving the entry way. I broke the rules and acquired a Ouija board. I made contact he said his name was Samael. That my ex was his and that I was to die. That scared my ex. We moved after that to Arizona. We were good for awhile but he was there again. We called some guy out there that was a demonologist or something like that. He said Samael was attached to her and we needed to do an exorcism. We set up to do it the next day he never came back and we never heard from him again. When I started working out of town she started complaining and taking about less and it turns out she accepted and gave in and let him win. She left me and moved to Texas. No warning or explanation, she was just gone. I’ve never talked about it after she left, that was in 2013.. The apartment in Clare, mi. Is still vacant it’s been empty since we moved.

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  1. Sounds like you both where reading him with fear. When you burn sage it has to be the white sage and burnt with a native american eagle feather that was never touched the ground and you don’t pray you demand them to leave! Burning the sage while waving the feather through it through and around the property!

  2. I thought if you said under the cover of the blood of Jesus Christ I command you to leave! You would have to actually believe in the power of the blood of Jesus though

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