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I came into contact with a ghost using an EVP

From: Shaylee
My Experience: In December of 2015, weeks before the new year, my friend and I came into contact with a ghost using an EVP. She was a woman, and her name was Ada Boyd. Upon further investigation, we found that Ada Boyd was a woman who was buried in a cemetery near us. She actually came up first in our Google search, strangely enough. She only could speak one word at a time, but she told us things no one else could really know. We spoke to a few other spirits after that, but we never heard from Ada again. Strange things have happened since then. Within the first week, I started having really bad night terrors. Following that was the appearance of a big shadowy figure. I’d see him out of the corner of my eye and feel him when I turned around. He lingers in one corner of my room. Other things happen, too. There’s a cupboard in my hallway that holds towels. One night, I was putting towels away and it slammed on me as though someone pushed it. There was no living things around. My porcelain dolls fall of my shelf, inches from my head. Every once in a while, my dog will wake up once every hour, to the exact minute, and bark at something. I feel like it’s attached to me. I was in a store and something fell. I thought nothing of it at first until I walked back and put it back in a more secure spot. It fell again.
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