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A wind up music box that started by itself

From: Paul Mark

My Experience: I’m in 6th grade and in the class my teacher has a wind up music box that is shaped like a school and plays really creepy music. So once while my class was working on projects together the music box was on a shelf where only the teacher could reach it and the teacher walked out of the room and the music starts playing since I believing in a lot of paranormal things(also being terrified just of stories of it) I started to freak out. When I managed to calm down the teacher walked in and the music stopped. Then the teacher walked out again and the box started playing then the teacher walked in but it didnt stop she asked who messed with it and we all said it started by itself it kept going and the it started to get faster being a slow song we couldnt tell at first but it started getting faster and then the schools power went out and the music stopped.The power was still out when the music started and we all started to get scared . Then as the music started slowing back down the door slammed by itself another teacher was walking by and came to open it and yell at us but the door wouldnt open it wasnt locked but it didnt open after 10 minutes of being scared the music stopped the door opened and the power came back on and ive heard stories from earlier class the the music box would play by itself but not put the lights out or slam a door. After that we couldnt explain what happened


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Updated: May 4, 2017 — 7:30 pm


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  1. My dad has an old humidor that has been passed down in his family since before they arrived in America. It is really beautiful, and I love the feeling that we have a piece of history in our house. However, one night I had some friends over, and we were hanging out on our back porch. There was no one home except for us. I got up to go inside and refill peoples’ drinks, and as I passed the humidor I heard music come from it. It it was a short steady sounding tune. As quickly as it ended it loud and long enough for to stop and star, expecting to hear more.

  2. I sure wish people would be more critical in thought rather than jumping on the paranormal bandwagon whenever something “out of the ordinary” happens. I’ve dealt in buying and selling antiques for over 30 years, and music box movments can be some of the most finicky little beasts especially as they age. I’ve had more vintage music boxes that started on the own volition than I care to remember. It was most often due to a misaligned start/stop plunger, quirky old mainsprings, faulty governors and dirty mechanisms. I once had a lady sell me a very large lot of musical powder boxes from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. They all still played music but many of them played very slowly and some only played intermittently. I’ve had music boxes start playing all by themselves just by walking past them on an uneven floor, or sometimes a music box would start playing by itself when I played my amplified bass guitar in a nearby room because of the strong vibrations of the bass. So you see what you might think of something being paranormal actually isn’t. The paranormal isn’t real; there are no ghosts; there is no life after death. Science has successfully debunked the claims of the paranormal for over 150 years. Do yourselves a favor and research the paranormal and the scientific skeptical reviews prove it doesn’t exist.

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