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Great fear of our house in Deland, Florida

From: Joseph

My Experience: A couple years ago I lived in his house in Deland Florida and for some reason at night time everyone will get a great fear of the house and you would hear weird noises but one day I was climbing a tree and my dog started acting weird he was really old and he could barely walk but he was running around the yard with like a weird and Mohawk going down him he was growling and barking a lot eventually he stopped running around and looked at the driveway and started barking and growling towards it so I got out of the tree started walking towards the driveway and he comes running from across the yard and pushes me out of the way and he started showing his teeth and growling and barking I walk to the other side of my dad’s van where he was barking at and I seen a weird black figure that was dark at the top and started to fade away towards the bottom I began to scream I fell to the ground and I ran inside


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Updated: June 28, 2017 — 7:23 am

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