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From: Adeline Elswick

My Experience: So one night, I was sitting in my room with the lights off and the T.V. on. My friend and I were Facetiming a while earlier than that, and she ended the call. My closet was big, and had two doors on it and one door was open and the closet light was on. I decided to get on Snapchat and just mess around. As I changed to the camera on the app, I saw in the corner of my eye a tall man, he just looked like a dark shadow. I’m not sure really if it was sleep paralysis only because I don’t really know much about it. Then, when I looked up, it was gone. I just sat there on my bed crying for my mom to come in. When I explained the story, she tried to convince me that it was just my imagination. Now, I’m seeing the same man in my room and have been hearing banging noises in my closet. (Please help me)


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Updated: June 29, 2017 — 7:02 am

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  1. Still happening?

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