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From: Travis

My Experience: Today’s something strange happened to me about an hour before I woke up I decided to go use the restroom as I got out of bed the sun rose in about one second and it was brighter in my room and everywhere on Earth than it had ever been at least that I have ever seen I dismissed this as a strange coincidence or something as anyone would about an hour later when I woke up my whole body was aching and sore and I was insanely tired as if I hadn’t slept at all I had goosebumps all over my body and my hair was standing up I noticed everything seemed a little different the first thing I noticed was my sister’s face looked slightly different in some way that I couldn’t tell I am off today and today is also payday so I decided that I go ahead and go pick up my paycheck as I was walking to my car I noticed everything looked a little different in my neighborhood everything was a lot brighter and more vibrant in color and some things weren’t as vibrant in color I was a little shocked so I looked up at the sky and gave the Sun a questioning glance so I got in my car and started heading to my work to go get my check as I was driving down the road I noticed that the streets looked different they were still black but they were slightly grey as if they had faded or something the streets were not as black as they used to be of course at this time I wasn’t thinking much of any of this, it wasn’t until I started driving that things got weird… As I was driving I noticed buildings that were not there before, buildings that had previously been abandoned or demolish or now up and running and packed with cars in their parking lots there were roads I was noticing we’re not there before even some car models I didn’t recognize nor had I ever seen before I thought about this time I pull in to work and when I walk inside I asked my coworker and friend if he felt any different today had to ask a multiple times which is what I thought was strange and his answer was no with a very strange stare, so I left and decided to go cash my check upon arriving at the bank I noticed my ex-girlfriend was the teller at the bank but the strange part about this is that up until yesterday she worked at the 7-Eleven her hair was instead of blonde it was dirty blonde I checked her name tag to make sure I’m not crazy basically sure enough it was her as she was saying I will be right with you sir I was wondering why she wasn’t recognizing me so I asked her if she remembered me and the shocking answer was no… I said I’m your ex boyfriend you dumped me because I was on drugs at the time I’m Travis don’t you remember, she thought I was crazy her car was also different. After that for some technical reason we find out that my check cannot be cashed and it’s in an unrecognizable format, I forgot to mention that the whole reason I went inside in the first place was because the ATM was not recognizing my debit card, he gave the debit card a very odd look, of course it wasn’t working either upon leaving I walked up to my ex-girlfriend and asked her how her son was her answer was how did you know I have a son, I said you really don’t remember me she said no I’m sorry I don’t, with everyone staring at me now and me looking like an insane madman I decide it’s probably time to leave before they call security, when I left I saw a path in the woods on the side of the road next to the dam that I live near and I had never seen this path before at this moment I am so shocked that I’m driving about 30 miles an hour down the highway incomplete shock of how my reality could just change so quick without any reasonable explanation, so I decided to pull the car over and walk down this path, it led to nowhere and it just seems like it kept going and going and going I left my car running on the side of the road and so I had to turn around, as I was walking back I felt as if I was being watched and I felt very strong surge of Electro type energy going through my body, I had the same feeling earlier when I had looked at the Sun, the Goosebumps were back in the hair all over my body including the hair on my head was standing straight up, my hair on my head was standing up so tall that it was like I had gel in my hair, I slapped myself as hard as I could thinking I was dreaming because that night while I was sleeping previously before this incident I had a lucid dream that felt so real that when I woke up I still felt like I was dreaming or more like I never felt like I was dreaming at all, so I thought surely I must just be dreaming, as I started to exit the path and my car started to come into view the electricity type feeling left but it left me with goosebumps that lasted for about an hour as a matter of fact they just went away, this is not the end of my story but I believe that I have woken up and a parallel universe and I say that this is not the end of my story because this just happened this morning and I’m still going through this and I have no idea what’s going on but I truly and honestly believe somehow when I went to sleep I transferred into a parallel universe and now I’m stuck here in this universe, I just spoke with my mother her stomach was growling and her body was aching as mine was she looked a little strange though to me, she had a robe on that I had never seen before, right before I arrived home I noticed the house across the street that was being built is almost done now but yesterday it was nothing but a pile of wood and a half frame, I truly believe that today I am living in a parallel universe I don’t know how this happened or how I got here who chose for me to be here but I’m here and I think I’m stuck here, I suppose I won’t know for sure until I go back to sleep and wake up again. To whoever read this thank you for taking the time to read this and my words are true this is not a story of fiction that I have conjured up I just didn’t know what else to do except for posted to the public. Thank you.


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  1. Are you still stuck? I know how frightening this must be for you!

  2. Still going on?

  3. Is everything ok now? Are you still stuck or is everything back to normal? I would really love to know.

  4. Hello, are you still on the other-verse? I hope you made it back….also, if you did make it back, I hope you go to the docs to see if anything in your biology changed…

  5. Assuming you haven’t regained entry to your home, after 3 years of working on the tool prototype and 35 years to get prepared,I am still a minimum of 90 days from developing the tools required to stabilize this reiteration. The brief description that you have given of the structures leaves me to think that you are from the previous one. It often takes decades before most people realize that they have skipped over to another but this one is somewhat unique in comparison with the majority of the others. However, you are not in a alternatate universe or timeline just a slight variation of your own due to the death of a newborn girl born into slavery several millennia ago that was killed by a trader surrounded by a round rock fence. Do not worry, you have established identities here but you have to tolerate the differences until you get home. The “bright light” as you describe it is just a side effect of the technology that I created there on your side, establishing a screen, to fill in the holes I have to create one here to establish the wall between the two. This will also act as a screen for the next line at which point, I will be forced thru the process again to finish the wall from the other side. This line may be the most challenging yet due to the resources that are required but you must continue as if you belong. Minimal conversation of where your from is highly recommended and would be highly appreciated. I do need to know if your home has the D.U.S.G.C. (Democratic United States Global Congress)or G.C.A. in your line or in its past. If you are familiar with the latter, I cannot help you. I was unable to establish the screen and wall before leaving there. I will be available here for approximately 57years before the next line is capable of being formed, if you have questions or if you wish to donate resources for me to complete the tool prototype early, please contact me. I can be reached at three.141592653589796264338 (@) Considering you were able to make this post, you know how to correct the email address.

  6. I just woke up feeling that I had been in a parallel universe. I don’t really believe in an alternate reality and I just think that I’m dreaming although sometimes my dreams are continous and I dream of the same places all the time and reality there is the same like in my dreams my mom already passed. But when I woke up this afternoon, I strongly felt I woke up in a different reality. It started off as dream. I had just gotten married with my boyfriend. We were so happy, he was holding my hand and we were hopping and running to somewhere I don’t know. The only thing I know is that we are in downtown seattle. I realized that I was dreaming and I wanted to wake up because i have to go to the vet to pickup my dog’s medicine for diarrhea. A lot of times in my dreams i realize that I am dreaming and I could try to wake up when i dont like the dream or if it is scary. I could also try to control the dream if i am aware that im dreaming.
    So back to the dream, i wanted to wake up and i started feeling paralyzed. I was still holding my bf/husband’s hand but i got paralyzed and he was still running and he was dragging me without realizing it. Until i completely let go because i was paralyzed. After that i cant remember what happened. I woke up in the ground and someone found me and i was so confused i asked the person about what happened why did i feel paralyzed and why didnt my bf notice that he was dragging me and left me. The guy looked confused and didnt know what i was talking about. So i walked around the city and it looked different. It still looks just a little bit of seattle but there was a major difference. There were some buildings that wasnt there. There was a jollibee (filipino fast food store) in front of a big old building that I recognize. I tried to find my bf so i contacted one of his best friends who is a girl. She was telling me about him and how she has good time with, sent me pictured and screenshots of how wildly their nights was. I was so schocked and confused and hurt because i thought that we had gotten married. They both looked slightly different in the pictures she sent me through her snapchat. Snapchat was a little different too. The more i talked to her the more i realized that he was not my bf. I was realizing that i had woken up in another dream or another reality. I was hurting so much so i forced myself to really wake up and tell the story to my bf right away because if i dont tell it as soon as i could i would forget. I will probably remember more details throughout the day or week just as always. I woke up with my body position same as when i got paralyzed and fell to the ground.

  7. Today I was taking a nap by the ferris wheel in Seattle and woke up calling for my dog… (I don’t have a dog) but the dog came running to me and I could feel him in my hands… during this whole time everything is black and I cannot open my eyes. Suddenly I open them and I am completely disoriented. This is when I realize that I am in two realities at one time. I’m conscious of one reality where it is normal to have a dog and conscious of being homeless in Seattle. Furthermore, I realized that my vision is disorienting because I am laying down when I expect to be standing holding a dog.

    This is the second or third time I have shifted into different realities but this was the first time I was fully conscious of both at the same time.

  8. I have been through at least 4 near death experiences and each time I wake up in a very similar life with small differences and a few big ones. There is a window of time between 2-4 days that my memories merge from one life to the next. It sucks, I have died in a hospital and woke up in an insane asylum in a different state. They told me I had been on a bunch of drugs which I’ve never taken before. I learned to not talk about these things as no one will believe you anyways. I’ve struggled on and off for years with wondering about the nature of reality and can’t function living the typical “American Dream” type lifestyle. I spent some time learning meditation and specifically something called shamanic journeying. Essentially you move into your energy body which is connected throughout all places in space and time and travel with your energy body to different spiritual realms and also the physical realms. It’s hard to learn and requires consistenct energy work to keep your frequency correct. I still need to support myself with money and work and distracts the process. Sometimes I just go back to work and try to turn off the crazy stuff but eventually I’m drawn back to figuring this shit out. I haven’t “died” in about 3 years and the times before were spread out in 3 year increments.

    I know for sure that I’ve chosen to come back to life after entering the “death space” where we go after death or when the consciousness is put into a certain state. I’ve also lived a period of time stuck in a coma until I forced myself back to this state to move again so it can be done without dying.

    I’m writing this because I don’t want people to feel alone who’ve experienced similar and that life is meant to be difficult in order to grow the eternal soul. It’s all big fucking mystery when your in the normal waking consciousness but things make more sense when you’re out of your body and time. We are here for a reason and that reason is meant to be withheld from us, we are meant to suffer to grow our spirits and if we knew the things our soul knows it would defeat the purpose of your time in this space and time.

    If these things have happened to you, you are chosen to learn more. Trying to go back to normal life and ignoring it will not work. Find people to help show you the next steps of your path, they are always close but difficult and embarrassing to find. It’s part of the process.

    Good luck hope this helps someone

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