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From: Raelynn

My Experience: I’m nawt using any real names, so just keep on reading. I dawn’t know if this counts as ah creepy story, but I was bewildered and shocked when this all happened.

Okay, let us begin. This is several different ones, by the way. When I was around eight years old, my family and I moved into the house where I currently still live. Things didn’t start happening until I was about twelve. I was lying in bed at night having difficulty sleepin’, which isn’t at all unusual for me. The thing that was botherin’ me was the sound that I was hearin’. It was like a soft breathing sound mixed with ah slightly deeper snoring sound. I was confused, of course, because my bed wasn’t in front of the air vent, in fact, the vent wasn’t even on. My door was closed, and my older sister couldn’t have been makin’ the noise, as she is ah heavy sleeper and doesn’t wake up for jack squat. Then, when I was about thirteen, I was walking up the stairs in my house, sensing that the environment felt hostile (I can often sense the feeling of the space that I am in, it’s ah part of my instincts) and was suddenly yanked by my ankles, making me throw my arms forwards to grab at the steps. The tugging stopped as soon as it started, and when my feet were yanked, I heard a sharp voice in my head shout ‘NO!’ It sounded like ah girl around my age. I no longer felt the hostility and was instead surrounded by ah feeling of sadness.

Skip to age Fourteen and further to present time: Age fourteen was about the time that I lost several precious friends, and even though I still had some amazing friends, I couldn’t shake off the loneliness that was surroundin’ me. My instincts became a lot stronger and I was about tah start freshman year of highschool. It was the night before the first day and I had an outfit picked out along with an awesome array of jewelry. I was again having trouble falling asleep, but slumber came soon enough. I woke up at some point in the night, knowing very well that I was awake for I had just had a dream about cake (funny, right?) and was now lyin’ in bed flat on my back with my arms crossed at my stomach. I blinked my eyes, willing myself to lean up, but found to my horror that I couldn’t move. I now think back to it and know that I was in fact experiencing sleep paralysis. I was scared tah death becausee chills were running across my skin like little breezes and once again, the vent was nawt on and my window was closed. That experience had to have been one of thah most TERRIFYIN’ moments of my life. I tried to talk but nothin’ came out ah my mouth. Tears, EXTREMELY warm tears, started streamin’ down theh sides of my face. I suddenly felt frozen and blacked out because of some wacky bullshite and woke up in the morning tah find a piece of paper next to my bed with handwriting that had to be my own on it. Reading it quickly, my jaw dropped and I also dropped theh paper. On it was written in MY handwriting: ‘don’t panic, you’re okay, love, darkness doesn’t last forever,’ about five times.

Who the bloody hell was ‘haunting’ me?

Were they the same thing that protected me from falling on the stairs?

Thank you for hearing my ‘paranormal’ experience.

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Updated: June 30, 2017 — 7:15 am

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