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From: Sandy

My Experience: My story is rather long, and rather strange. I don’t want to say “ghosts” but honestly I can’t describe it any other way.

Now, let me tell you something about myself I’ve lived in a small house since the day I was born to two teenage parents. I would be the eldest out of three children to this family. Throughout the years we would get many dogs each one acting stranger inside the house. They would be aggressive suddenly, afraid without reason, or would get deathly sick without any cure or explanation from the vets.
The first time anybody actually saw something was when I was 6 months old and I was very sick with a high fever. My father was working as a late night truck driver so it was just my mother to take care of me. Well, on this particular night I was really sick so my mother was on the bed taking care of me when a figure walked past the door and seemed to vanish into the hallway closet. Of course, my mother went to investigate and saw nothing. The doors and windows were locked, there was no sign of intruder and had no proof that anybody had been there.

When I was two years old my little brother was born and the two of us shared the smallest room in the house. I slept next to the closet while he slept near the window. Well while I hardly have any memories between the ages of 2-5 I remember a night in particular.
My brother had phenomena and was sleeping in my mothers room while my dad once again was out of town on deliveries. I couldn’t sleep that night, so of course I closed my door and turned on the light before I began to play with my toys. A bunch of dolls and a stuffed cow which I still have this day. I was happily playing when I put my favorite barbie next to me, a really cheep plastic one that I bought for a dollar, and when I went to grab it again I found that my dolls head had not only been ripped off but was missing completely. I couldn’t find it that entire night and for a week following.
Well, when my brother finally got better, about two weeks later I woke up to a pressure on my bed. Thinking it was my mom or dad I opened my eyes and looked around but instead I found that my dolls head was sitting at the foot of my bed.

Things were quiet for a few more years until my brother was about 4 and he came up with an imaginary friend named “Jack” he played with Jack more than he played with me or our baby sister when she was born. He just wanted to play with Jack.
Now, “Jack” stayed around until my brother was around 7 when he suddenly vanished essentially putting a stop to this “stage” he was going through. Now try to remember “Jack” because he comes back later.

During my brothers “Jack” stage I had began seeing things too, however what I was seeing was not a soldier like “Jack” was said to be, in fact the person I saw didn’t appear until my brother and I moved downstairs into our own rooms.
She looked scary despite only looking around 8 or 9 simply because it always looked like she was bloody. She had dark skin with curly black hair wearing a white old fashioned nightgown with a white bonnet in her hair. The side of her head looked as though it had been broken open and her dress was torn, muddy, and bloody. She would try to either scream or yell something at me though I was always too afraid of her and would hide under my blanket. When I was 12, she vanished. For a little while at least.
That was until my sister turned 9, and one night at my cousins house she saw the exact same girl I saw. She came running into the room where I was sleeping. She was shaking and sobbing and when I asked her to explain what she saw she described exactly the girl I had seen at her age. Since then she and I have been seeing the girl on and off since. I’m 21 now.

Back to Jack. When I was 16, and my brother was 14 he passed away in an accident. Well, months after his death we were talking to our next door neighbors who had been living there longer than we had and upon going over stories of my brothers past “Jack” came up and the neighbors looked at each other surprised.
Turns out that just like my brother, the only boy in my family their only son had once had an imaginary friend named Jack at the ages from 4 to 6. Of course that was weird, but nothing as weird as what happened two years after my brothers death.
I was baby sitting a small cousin of mine who like my brother and the neighbor was around four. He had only met my brother once and that was only a few nights before his death. He had no idea who Jack was, or anything about him. Well, while I was baby sitting him and his sister I could hear him in the other room talking to himself. So, I laid the baby down and walked into the old room I had once shared with my brother.
My cousin was sitting, facing the corner where my brothers bed once was and was holding a one sided conversation about his favorite color, super hero, and random things that he wanted to talk about. When I asked him who he was talking too he simply said;
“My new friend. Jack!”
I was surprised, but proceeded to ask him what Jack looked like and just as my brother and the neighbor boy had explained it in the past told me about a blonde soldier with green eyes who looked really sad.
I took my cousin out of the room and laid him down for a nap before going back into the room which until I walked back in I realized had been really cold because now that my cousin was out of it was now really warm from the summer sun coming through the window.

More recent things, in the past year or two have gotten a little more scary. Such as things being yanked off of counters, people being touched, hair being pulled, and even things being thrown have been spotted. Both from my sister and I. It’s not necessarily scary because we have each other to talk about it and we don’t mind having visitors in our house. In fact my little sister seems comfortable in the thoughts that one of the ghosts or feelings in the house is our brother. While I just think it’s interesting and I’m curious about it all.

That’s my story and while it probably does’t make sense I just had to tell it to somebody.


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