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From: Debra

My Experience:About two years ago, as I was seated at my kitchen table one day, I began to detect an odor of quality expensive perfume such as Chanel #5. I wondered where it was coming from, as I have no such item in my house. The smell became more prominent, so I started walking around looking for a possibility such as a candle or fabric softener. I could not locate it, but it was strongest in the kitchen where I had been sitting. It soon began to fade. Then, I looked down by where I keep my personal items (purse, etc.) and there was a single pierced earring that had not been there before. I have a male housemate but we had not left each other for the previous 48 hours and no other person had been in my house for many days prior to that. He was in the restroom when the incident occurred so I know he was not involved and he confirms this. To this day I keep the earring but the odor never returned.


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Updated: July 6, 2017 — 7:27 am

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