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From: Sio

My Experience: I’m going to start off by saying that nothing majorly scary has happened but occurances have well occurred . In my old house the one I grew up in for 11 years of my life , I’ve always felt strange. I know I’ve had that feeling since as long as I could walk. I would always see shadow figures and feel like I’m constantly being watched . Just being looked at like observing a animal at a zoo.

The first time a saw someone was my godfather . It was during 4th grade. One of my moms really close friends had cancer. A few weeks before he died , I asked him to be my godfather as I felt left out that I had none to which he agreed . One day , he just died in our living room . I saw his body when I woke up . I didn’t cry or anything . I felt as though he wasn’t gone at all but I brushed it off as you know my brain getting those feelings from it denying his death . About a year or two later in forth grade , walking inside the house I glanced into my living room and I saw him sitting on the couch . He turned towards me and looked at me and smiled in a warm way like “welcome home” . I always watched family feud when I got home from school . This particular day , no one was home but the tv was set to family feud already . When I looked back again , he was gone . I never told anyone . My grandpa had a birthday 2 days before mine . I never met him as he died a few years before I was born . Somehow whenever I heard about him , I felt strange .

On every birthday starting from my 10th I started “including” him when I had my cake . When singing I’d sing quietly to myself “happy birthday to me and grandpa” and with my candles I’d blow them out with him in mind . I didn’t really think about it , I just did it on impulse . Since then I’ve always done it. I always feel like he’s watching me , even after moving houses .

Let’s skip to the new house . When I look at his picture , I feel as though he’s behind me looking at it as well . Like he’s here too in the new house . Once when I was really upset over a incident and couldn’t fall asleep I felt as though I presence washed over me and I heard a mans voice saying “shhhh sleep Sio” which calmed me . I brushed it off as me hearing things .

It didn’t happen to me , but I think it might be helpful to mention that once my mother saw my grandpa in our old house kitchen asking for my grandmother who is still alive . She told him she wasn’t here and he left . It might also be worth mentioning that he died in the room i stayed in at my old house and he, my grandma my father and his siblings lived there in their pre adulthood years .

Now in our new house , the owners mother died here. During our first full night completely moved in , I had a dream . The owners mother was a clock . Her face would transform into a clock then re appear . I knew it was her mother even though I never saw a picture of her . She said in the dream “You have until 11 o clock to leave !” Very menacingly. In the dream , my family and aunts cousins and uncles were there . Everyone escaped but me and one of my cousin’s . She then preceded to break my back and my bones until I was deformed .

Once at 3 o clock am , the lights kept flashing in the house and I kept getting a weird feeling that I was being watched . A bad kind of feeling . I kept brushing it off until I couldn’t take it then I ran downstairs to my aunts room and laid on her couch . One complete wall was a mirror and in that mirror , I could’ve sworn I saw something glaring at me .

I’m the only one who got/gets these experiences . My mother experiences dreams mainly with the exception of my grandpa . I want to know you guys ideas on all of these . If I’m psychic or something ? No one else gets it and says It’s nothing and I’m just so paranoid and over reacting . The figures and feelings still won’t stop . Im in the same house still and it still won’t Stop . When I’m alone I keep getting the feeling I’m watched and the stairs freak and the dog always goes on alert especially when I feel freaked the most . The shadows are still appearing . Thanks For listening !


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