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From: Brett  Gerrity

My Experience: 27 years ago I moved from Tasmania to a small country town in Western Australia.
Over 2000 miles away.
After 6 months I had four or five friends. One day we were all together and were looking for something to do. We decided to have a sceance. All we did was write out the alphabet and the words yes and no. We cut them out and placed then in a circle. We put some flour on the table so the glass would move easily.
There were four of us. The usual benign questions were asked. One of which was, ” What is your name? ” Adam Ant was spelled out. I asked the question, ” do you know my Father’s name? My Father’s full name was spelled out 19 letters in total. No one else knew my father. He died in 1986. 2000 miles away.I was not frightened by this revelation. I was fascinated.
After some more questions the glass spelled out, ” Kill Tony. ” Tony was one of us. This was spelled out three times. Tony started freaking out and swearing. The glass went to the middle of the circle of letters, then, very forcefully shot across the table and hit Tony in the chest with an audible thud. Tony jumped up in the air, screaming, picked the glass up off the floor, and took it outside and smashed it onto the ground. This experience fascinated me. My beliefs about death were that we died and there was no more.
If you believe the Scientific viewpoint then there is no afterlife.
How can this experience be explained? I have posted my experience on a Supernatural forum once before and received nothing but ridicule and hate mail. I was called delusional and a liar.
I am not delusional, nor am I liar.
This experience was real and did happen.
I have not done it since. I have no inclination to do it again.
What’s going on? Why does the Scientific community take the stand that it does?


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  1. So, at what point did scientists conclude there is no afterlife? I think you misunderstood how the scientific method works… anyway, what you experienced doesn’t necessarily amount to anything, because with the details you’ve given it sounds entirely probable the only element in your equation was the human one. What convinces you it wasn’t simply one of your friends?

    1. As with an experience such as this one has to be there to believe what happened. As I mentioned, my dead fathers full name was spelled out. No one knew his name.
      This was not something one of the participants done as a joke. It happened exactly as described.
      I know what happened but it worries me not. Just one of three unexplainable experiences in my life.

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