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From: Bisma

My Experience: When I was little I believed in everything paranormal, so one day when my cousin came over we decide to try Bloody Mary. We decided to try it in the basement washroom since that place was pretty creepy. Me, my cousin, and my little sister got candles and we lit them and closed the lights. We closed the lights and stared into the mirror. Now I was the oldest so I knew Bloody Mary wasn’t real, I didn’t think of her as a ghost just a story to scare kids. We all chanted Bloody Mary 3 times….. We wait for a minute, but we saw nothing so I decided to scare them by screaming. And I was right. A few days after doing Bloody Mary I went back down there to clean up a few things when I saw blood around the sink. I knew it wasn’t period blood since my sister was like 8, and nobody ever used that bathroom, so I asked my little sister if she was playing a joke. She said no…. I was shocked but I thought it was my parents or something. Now about a month later creepy things started happening. Our pets would make loud noises for no reason. My bedroom door would open on its own. I could see the doorknob turn and it freaked me out. I just brushed it off. Nothing of that sort happened for about a week then it started again. I was in this small extra room we had looking through old stuff she the door suddenly closed, I quickly ran toward it but I couldn’t open it for a few seconds. It freaked me out. Creepier things have been happening even though we tried Bloody Mary a long time ago paranormal stuff keeps going on. Things go missing and are found in weird places, mostly in the basement. In the middle of the night I hear voices, I feel like I see people, sometimes I look in the mirror and I see one girl. She wears a long white dress, her long black hair covers her face yet I can still see her creepy smile and big red almond eyes. In my dreams I see a tall man wearing a top hat, and a suit. He has sharp teeth and a big creepy smile. In my dreams all he does is stare at me sleep. I don’t know what going on, and I don’t think it’s because of the Bloody Mary thing we did years ago. What should I do?


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Updated: July 11, 2017 — 6:49 am


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  1. Say bloody marry backwards in the mirror

  2. You need to find protectiin for yourself as you sound wide open to the elements of the paranomal. Sage your room. Ask for protection of arhcangel michael. Cover ur mirror of a night there are door ways who know were yous is but i wouldnt take any chances. Mediate you may get answers.

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