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From: Cayetano Chavez III

My Story: My story is going to sound far fetched but I tell you everything you are about to read is true.  Me and my wife are believers in Christ but we are by no means perfect and would fall from time to time.  Well one night we decide hey let’s get high and party so we did and for a very long time now I’ve always felt something was not right.  I was under the impression she was up to something and vice versa.  Well this night I kept hearing strange noises and catching her  talking to someone and when I would ask who are you talking to she would tell me no one or I was talking to you.  I also noticed she was taking random things from around the house and hiding it in weird spots.  I then decided to record her while I was not in the room to see if I could catch what she was doing.  That is when I seen her sitting on the bed talking to something and kissing it and one point told it happy anniversary.  Another video I took the same night she was sitting on the bed and the arms were coming out of here one looked like a monkey arm and it was pouring her side of the face the other was feeding her something and the other was touching her.  Then one of them was standing next to her and got behind her and was sexually touching her she was moaning.  I walked into the room and they hid.  I then got my phone and laid down. I started to smell like sulfur and sewer death smell and I could hear something on the side of my bed a grabbed my phone and started coming trying to see what it was and I seen a face I zoomed in and it closed its eye trying to hide but I seen it and it knew I seen it it looked like a mix between a gremlin and that creature on Lord of the rings it looked at me and opened its mouth which had many skinny sharp teeth then it jumped into the side of our mattress and I could feel it coming towards me inside the mattress.  I moved just in time when it got under me and it left for claw marks where I was sitting.  I showed my wife we both freaked out I started tearing the room apart trying to find it and long story short I ended up knowing that it was not human.  I started telling at it telling it in God’s name get out you are not welcome here.  It did this gurgle burp noise I then told my wife get the kids and let’s get out of here now we got to the front porch and it sounded as if a horse was galloping towards us from inside the trailer we hauled butt out of there.  We later turned with sage a white candle a prayer given to me by my sister and instructions on what to do.  We arrived back and it started knocking on the windows and stomping on the floor this point I was no longer scared but mad and wanted my house and family back and this thing gone I blessed myself then everyone else blessed the property then went in it was mad it did not want me here but I continued to bless the house and pray eventually it was gone this was by far the craziest experience I have ever had.


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Updated: July 18, 2017 — 6:45 am

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