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From: Marylouise

My Experience: I’m not really sure if this is the right place to tell this story as i don’t really know myself what you would call it but anyway even though it is a little long , here it goes.
I am currently 20 years of age living in the same town i have since i was a kid.
My story however, is based on a long time ago during my childhood but even to this day i question myself constantly.
It all started when i was around the age of 3 going on 4, I was the third and last child in the family so at first my parents seemed me to just be doing what a regular 4 year old does, however, my parents told me they always felt something around me, though they could never pinpoint what it was, they said it just “gave them the creeps” they first started feeling this way when i started saying things like “i want my other mum and dad” this would confuse them terribly and they would always ask questions like “who are they?”, “where are they?” and “why do you think you have another mum and dad?” now i was still very young at that point so i don’t really remember the answers i would give but my mum told me i wouldn’t say much on the subject, i would almost always ignore her questions and continue talking about them, things started to get more intense very fast, i would be out in public happily walking alongside my mum and the next minute i would just break out into these loud heart wrenching screams and throw myself on to the floor screaming for “My other mum and dad” looking back, i sort of remember the way i used to picture them but when asking my mum it was confirmed, i used to picture this lovely looking couple, they looked roughly around their late 30’s perhaps a little older, the woman would have this beautiful flowing pink dress with a pearl necklace and blonde hair, the man however, was dark haired, wearing a stunning tuxedo and a pencil thin moustache with a cigar in his mouth, my mum described it as though i was describing a couple from the 1960’s or something around that period.
As i got a little older i continued to believe i had another mum and dad but then something else happened…
one day, and i remember this well, i made a new imaginary friend, i didn’t know her name, looking back now i’m not sure why but i remember exactly what she looked like; she had long thick black hair, an even longer black thin dress that flowed out as it reached the bottom and bright red lipstick, i don’t remember any other facial features but the weird thing was she would only appear at night and would follow the exact same routine, she would walk by my bedroom door, stare through and smile at me and then she would walk off into my parents bedroom, this completely freaked my mum out when i told her this like most people probably would be and she decided she wanted to know more, so on a daily basis she would ask me questions about this “imaginary friend” like “What’s her name?”, “what games do you play together” my mum said i didn’t really give much away except sometimes i would reply “ask her yourself, she’s standing right next to you” this made my mum officially freaked out and she told my dad everything, he then began to watch me too to see if there were any strange behaviours etc, he said that i would tell him things about my great grandmother and how she liked to keep her garden nice, her favourite food etc… but the scary part was, my great grandmother died 3 months before i was even born and i had never met her and since it was the late 1990’s it wasn’t as regular to have lots of photos of people, we had none of my great grandmother.
My mum never really got to see this side of me until she experienced it herself one day and to this day, i kid you not, she still brings it up and asks me questions about it. So basically, one day,a few years after we had moved into our new house just around the corner from our old one and i was up the stairs on the laptop just minding my own business when my mum heard me talking from upstairs and came up to check up on me, when she opened the door from the way she describes it i didn’t even notice her walking in and this was strange because the laptop was literally inches away from the door and i could practically feel her breath on my arm from where i was sitting, she said it was almost like i was in a trance, when she asked what i was doing i turned to her and said “i’m talking to great grandmother lindsay”, this shocked her to her very core as she never spoke about her as we grew up, if it wasn’t for me mentioning her me and my sisters probably wouldn’t even know who she was, she turned to me with this serious face and said “what do you mean talking to her?” to which i replied “on the laptop” my mum then reached over to the screen and started to read the message- i had opened up a word document and it was full of questions like “how are you?”, “”what are you doing?” nothing out of the ordinary but my mum was puzzled when she realised i had been leaving huge spaces after my questions, when she asked me about it i just stared right through her and said “that’s her replies, can’t you see them?”
This is one of the last childhood stories my mum likes to talk about and i’m too hesitant to ask if there is anything more but anyway, skip a few years and i am now 10 years old, my dad sadly passed away due to a heart attack and it hit the family pretty bad, he died in the hospital so my family were hesitant to go back to the house since we hadn’t been there since he took the attack, it was about 2 days after his death and we decided it was time to go home and try and get as back to normal as we can at a time like that, but i think to tell this story i need to back up to when my dad was still alive, my dad was very in to fish and taking care of them, he had this huge fish tank set up in the middle of the kitchen and he was extremely proud of how well he looked after the tank and the fish.
even though my dad loved his tank he sometimes would forget to feed the fish so he decided to buy a timer that would go off the same time every night to remind him but my dad practically spent most of his adult life in the kitchen so he decided that the noise it made was too irritating and he was just going back to remembering to feed them so he took one battery out and shoved it in a cupboard in the kitchen, it sat there for years untouched to the point we forget he even had it, now fast forward to the first day we got home after his death, we had just went and got some shopping and were taking it back to unload and then start cleaning up the house, as we walked in the front door, we could hear this really faint irritating noise we all looked at each other and weren’t really sure what it was but didn’t think too much of it, as we walk into the kitchen the noise just bursts out of nowhere and blows up our ears, we drop our bags and start searching for the cause of this noise when all of a sudden, my sister opened the cupboard door and what do you know? it was my dad’s fish timer reminding him to feed the fish still with one battery inside. This story is 100% true so there is not really much i can do if you don’t believe it.
Now, in my later years, i didn’t really see or hear things anymore and i thought it was all just my imagination being too large as a child but recently, weird things have started happening again, i have this constant uneasy feeling of being watched, and i have been told by a few people who claim to be psychic that i am too, i started predicting things in my dreams like crashes, fires- basically very bad situations and the next day there it would be on the news, i feel like i see things but for a split second and then they are gone, i guess my reason for posting this is to get some answers on maybe what all of this means especially the stuff from childhood, has anyone else done similar things as a child? did anyone else believe they had another mum and dad? i have been invited to meet with psychics to try and “open my mind” but i thought i would start here, thanks for reading.


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Updated: July 21, 2017 — 9:32 am

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  1. Hello Marylouise,

    My name is Jazmin. I very much enjoyed reading your experience. I too, have felt someone watching me and from time to time have seen a fare share of unexplainable things throughout my life. However, I have never said to have other parents as a child. But I have told my mum that I would see her guardian angel when I was around 4 or 5 yrs if age…among other things.
    Do you mind if I ask where you currently reside? And maybe you should talk to a few if those psychics and see if they have further insight (if you haven’t already). Also I too dream of the future but my deja vu is much more advanced compared to yours. It’s to the point where I am able to change the outcome of some things but sometimes it’s impossible. If you’re curious, I will further explain.

    – Jazmin

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