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From: Robert

My Experience: When I was about 20 years old I lived alone in a cabin deep in the Smokey Mountains. I was used to seeing animals and I knew their footsteps well. Every now and then I’d get the occasional hiker, lost, tired, and I’d lend them a hand. I can usually tell if an animal or person gets anywhere near my cabin because the leaves and sticks are pretty dense around the perimeter of the house. One night I heard what seemed to be a person walking outside my window, I was tending to my wood-burning stove seeing as it was pretty chilly even for an Autumn night. I looked outside and saw nothing but continuously I occasionally heard the footsteps. They stopped for a while but then the knocking started. It came in threes. This went on for hours and I was certain maybe a squirrel or bird had gotten into one of the walls. But I ignored it and sat down to relax. As I sat down that is when I saw it, a short… Something. It looked humanoid, it had a sharp nose and a mouth that almost came to a smile. It was very dirty, long hair almost down to it’s butt. The hair was very nappy and knotted. It didn’t do anything, it just stood there staring at me. I’m an avid Hunter and I’ve been in a great many sketchy situations. I am by no means easily scared. But I’ve never felt a terror like that. It seemed like forever we’re in a Mexican stand off type deal. Then it just walked off into another room. I quickly went for my shotgun and to deal with whatever this thing was. I entered the only room it could have gone in seeing as there was only one other room in the place, the bathroom. Nothing…There was nothing there. I’ve never forgotten what I saw. It was no bigger than a child, I guess the length of it’s arms and it’s oddly inviting smile is the thing I find most disturbing.


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  1. Maybe you shouldn’t hurt the beings that never hurt you – animal, human, or something else. This being could have hurt you if (s)he’d wanted to but didn’t even try. You might want to reconsider this “avid hunter” issue. Even though not being human, he/she set a good example for you!

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