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From: Danny Havoc

My Experience: My wife and our 3 children (our 13 year old twin boy and girl and 11 year old boy) decided to go out of town to a large mall we don’t usually visit. We were there more than a year earlier, and heard that some stores changed. Some leaving some new ones arriving. Upon entering the mall, I and two of my kids had to use the restroom. The one restroom closest to where the food court used to be was still open, however all the stores on both sides were vacant and under construction for new incoming stores. The area was dim, the floor covered with plaster dust from the work being done, however there were no footprints leading down the hallway leading to the restrooms. I assumed the hanging plastic and construction signs were just keeping the average mall-goers away. As we walked through the plastic partitions keeping the general public from the construction area, I happened upon what I thought was an exposed wire. However, when I investigated, I found it to be an odd silver pendant on a silver chain, hanging on a nail. It looked to be a stylized symbol of a hand with an eye in the center, the iris covered by a purple Jewel. Thinking somebody just left it hanging on the nail and forgot about it, I picked it up and gave it to my daughter, who loves weird and interesting jewerly of all kinds. It was right up her alley. After we went home from the mall my daughter was complaining about a headache. We gave her some medicine and let her laying down. After that, I thought it was a good idea to wash the pendant in case whoever had it before may have been sweating or sick. After I washed it, I wore it myself over my shirt for a short while just to expose it to the air and let it dry. Later that night, I experienced a bad migraine, myself. Thinking it might have been some bad food from the food court, I disregarded it, hung the pendant up in my room and went to sleep. The next day, I woke up with the same migraine, even though I took a powerful headache medicine the night before. Eventually, the migraine did go away and I was able to carry about my normal daily routine. When I got home from work, I decided to investigate the symbol of the pendant, itself. As it turns out, it was supposed to be an ancient symbol of good luck and good fortune. Still, I did not associate my headache and my daughter’s headache with the pendant. Being a bit of a spiritualist, and appreciating the uniqueness of the thing, i polished the pendant a little bit with jewerly cleaner, and wore it again for the rest of the day. I did not get a migraine this time, however, I did slip on the last step of my basement stairs, badly twisting my ankle. After I painfully climbed back up the stairs, with my one still good foot, I slipped on some water in the bathroom and hit my shoulder hard against the wall, almost hard enough to dislocate it, according to my nurse wife. I started to have doubts about the pendants ability to Grant good luck. Still, I did not associated with anything evil. Later that night, even though under heavy medication for the pain in my shoulder and foot, I had trouble sleeping. Now, I put the pendant in my room in the same place it was the first night we found it; hanging from a peg on a bookshelf that hangs over our bed. Quick side note: tonight, for some reason, our Pitbull and Jack Russell refused to sleep in our bedroom. They constantly follow us upstairs every time we go to our bedroom, expecting us to crawl under the covers so they could lay down with us. This time, they both stayed downstairs and curled up next to each other on the futon, both of them giving us a timid, scared look. Anyway, that night I had severe trouble getting to sleep. When I finally did, I had very weird dreams. I dreamt I was standing in the middle of a hand, a very large hand, perhaps the size of a football field. I cannot see what it was attached to, but when I went towards the center I noticed a large purple eye staring straight up. The dream was disturbing enough that it woke me in the middle of the night. Now, my wife and I keep a lava lamp in our bedroom on all night. I know it sounds funny, but when we were dating as teenagers, she always thought the lava lamp in my bedroom at my parents house was kind of cool. So, when we got our own home, the lava lamp was essential. Well, in the dim green light of our lava lamp on our desk, I could see, floating in the middle of our bedroom, was the pendant. It was just suspended in midair, as it hanging from a nail I could not see. Without my glasses, and still thinking I was dreaming, I just curled up under the blankets close my eyes tight and went back to sleep. In the morning however I found the pendant was gone from where I left it on the peg left the night before, and was now laying in the middle of our bedroom. This was disturbing enough, but when both of our sons woke up violently ill, I knew something had to be done. I explained the circumstances to my wife, and showed her the research I did on the image of the pendant. She at this point became just as scared as I was. Now, understanding the problem and knowing what to do about a problem are two completely different issues. I knew my limited knowledge of the Paranormal would not be enough to stop something that could make all of my children sick and have enough influence to physically harm me. We placed the pendant in a jar and completely covered it with sea salt my wife’s sister and brought back from a trip she took to the Dead Sea. After that, we decided to pour holy water on the salt. We used three different bottles of holy water, from three of the oldest churches in New York City that we visited on a historical vacation that she and I took the year prior. Just for good measure, I placed a quartz crystal that I previously found on a walking tour of an old mine in our local area in the salt with the pendant. Often times, I used the crystal in prayer and meditation, and only ever fed into it positive energy and Good Vibrations to assist with my prayers. Finally, with all that done, my wife and I comprised a note explaining the circumstances that let us to discover the pendant, the events that occurred after we brought it into our home, and the reason for its abandonment. That night, around midnight, I left our home in our car by myself with the pendant in its container. I drove to our local church, and left the jar and an envelope with the note we wrote in the mailbox of the rectory, hoping our local Parish priest would be more equipped to deal with a cursed item than we were. Sure enough, the next day,  my two boys and our daughter both felt fine.  Was it just a 24 hour bug ? I will never know. But sure enough, a few days later during his sermon, the priest took a moment to explain the note and the jar that he received anonymously in his mailbox. Addressing the congregation as though the person who left it in his mailbox was present, he assured everyone that the pendent was blessed, consecrated and properly disposed of, and would be troubling no one anymore. As far as my kids know, the pendant is lost somewhere in our house, misplaced when we were all sick or hurt. Hopefully, they’ll never know how close we all were to real danger. My advice to anyone who finds any amulets or necklaces in areas where they are not supposed to be is this; LEAVE THEM ALONE! There’s more ways than you can imagine that the forces of evil have to enter your home and harm you. Until next time, all; safe journeys.


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  1. Before thinking of the Paranormal, you could have seen a doctor…

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