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From: tony

My Experience: So every since I can remember I’ve always been a quiet kid most of my toddler pictures I never really smiled and I was always quiet no emotions on my face, so I can say everything was fine until around the age 7-9 I think, my family moved to a older house in middle of town we were staying in causs we lived out in the country, so we stayed they for bout a year and a half and I witnessed my mom and dad have a argument I remember this day like yesterday I was on my ps2 playing medal of Honor the level where you arrive at the beach and have to get off the boat and rush to cover before you get shot up anyways they ended up getting a divorce and I don’t remember really how long after my incident happened but I was in my room the one I was playing my game when my parents had the argument and I was always scared of that room but something woke me up in the night I don’t remember what woke me up but I jus kinda leaned up in my bed and when I did there was a figure standing on my bed at the end by my feet, I was so shocked and scared I couldn’t let out a breathe, it was a figure of a little girl she was transparent but outlined gold and she put a finger over her mouth and started to reach down for my feet just about the second her hand was about to touch my feet I let out a scream and my mom rushed in my room (her room was literally across from mine) when she came threw my door it disappeared like it wasnt there, my mom came to me and hugged me she knew I was scared and I told her I seen something at the end of my bed, she ended up trying to convince me I must’ve woke up and was still dreaming but I remember it, something I will never forget. We never really moved out the house and I kinda got over it and forgot it for a couple years. When I got older I recall me having a conversation with my mom and I brought it up, she ended up telling my she had seen a figure of a man in the hallway the was in between mine n her room, she told my she’s seen this guy in the hall plenty of time jus never wanted to tell us and freak us out, I’m pretty use to that house because I was raised in it and I’m not really scared of it I jus want to know what was it I seen, my life’s been crazy and I’m only 21, I’ve been to plenty of juvenile detentions centers when I was a teen and when I turned 18 I was free but I ended up fucking up and started going to county jails, ive been on some kind of high since I was 15 and I have really bad sleep paralysis every no and then, lately they been wooping my ass like 5 times every morning I started having sleep paralysis when my mom and dad were still together and we just started living in that house,I’ve also seen black shadows out the corner of my eye and I’ve seen then almost my whole life (of 21 years lol)ive gotten use to them same with the sleep paralysis, idk if I have guardian angel of jus a spirit jus is always in my ear and telling my do bad stuff but my life’s been a wreck and I feel like this has something to do with it, that really it would like some feedback


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  1. Thank you for sharing this, it sounded almost similar to my own personal experiences in the bedroom, only I didn’t actually see it, I felt its presence as it pounced on the bed. I would still be freaked out if I saw what you saw. Please read about my experiences by searching, ”JOHNNY THE GHOST, BARGOED” a genuine case that really did happen to me and my family many years ago in Wales, UK. You can also find it on, ”JOHNNY: THE GHOST OF GLADSTONE VILLA” .

  2. This is really a very unique story. I believe that such spirit wants to convey some message to people. Some bad spirit does not want anyone to interfere in their life and thus makes people do evil things. There are many experts psychics or clairvoyant available who helps people in dealing with such type of situation. You can get in contact with the Voyance Pure (, to get to know what this spirit wants from you. She can even help you in fighting with stress by guiding you in right way.

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