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From: Tiffany

My Experience: My paranormal experience is sort of scary. It all began when I was 7. My family and I were attending a local church, though none of us kids cared much to be there. None of us hated it more than my oldest brother. At the time he was 12, and was going through the phase of finding himself. In doing so, he began to rebel against my father’s faith. We were in church almost 7 days a week, but he started exploring other religions. At one point he started dabbling in spirit conjuring. One afternoon I headed to his bedroom to see where he was. I don’t remember why, but nevertheless I was there. I opened his door to see my brother setting up candles and blue crystal looking stones in specific parts of his room. He positioned them in a circular pattern in the floor. Being so young, I thought nothing of it. In fact, I walked right to the middle of the circle and sat there. To my left was a book, I picked it up. “What’s this?” I asked. “It’s a book of demons.” He replied. “What’s it for?” I asked again. “You give each one a mission, before you call it.” I flipped through the pages and stopped on a particular entity. The demon on this page looked particulary mean. A spell was written under his picture, but I didn’t read it. I asked, “Who is this?” to which my brother replied, “Oh, don’t mess with that one. He’s mean, if you call him and don’t have a mission for him; he’ll kill you.” I slammed the book closed and dropped it. My brother picked the book up, opened it, and began reciting one of the spells. I was frightened so I ran away. Things I can’t explain started happening after that. One night, as I was laying in bed I saw the silhouette of an old woman standing in my closet. She was hunched over on a crutch, but dressed in worn, dirty rags from some other time period. Above me two faces rested on the wall. One stared across the room, the other at me. I was scared stiff. That night it rained, thundered, and lightening flashed. Opposite my bed, a man in what looked like Roman soldier garments stood facing the window. Something about him didn’t scare me. He actually made the other spirits go away. Things continued to get weird. I had a reoccurring nightmare almost every night. Voices spoke to me taunting that my father was going to die soon, and so would I. If I was alone in the house, I heard footsteps walking around, but no one was there. I’d been chased by spirits through the house. I almost had a breakdown. My parents found out about my brother’s books, and made him get rid of them, but I feel spirits have off and on made contact with me since.


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  1. Your experiences are an interesting read as I can actually relate as my family and I had similar experiences, were there any more sightings after that?

    I really would advise your brother to stay clear from inviting spirits, they are actually demons who deceive people into thinking they are the souls of their dead loved ones.

    My mother saw a spirit on at least three separate occasions, please read about it by searching, ”JOHNNY THE GHOST, BARGOED” A genuine case that really did happen to us many years ago in Wales, UK. You can also find my true account on ”JOHNNY: THE GHOST OF GLADSTONE VILLA” please comment, thank you.

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