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From: Mikaela
My Experience: So, myself and my roommate have lived in an upstairs unit in a fourplex for close to 8 months now. I’ve never been a strong believer in the paranormal, having been raised religious and due to negative experiences in that having shied away from the metaphysical as a whole. However, what we have seen in that house has made me question my lack of belief.

My roommate, henceforth referred to as J, says he’s had experiences like I’m about to describe since he was young. He’s always had a feeling that something has been following him, and has seen movement and figures in dark rooms, but only when he’s been alone. After moving, he says he felt something in his room, and has seen a dark figure sitting hunched over in the corner. We smoke a lot of weed, and the kid has done a lot of drugs, so I kind of dismissed it as being a result of something along those lines. However, he had a short term girlfriend (I’ll call her A), who has had similar experiences and says she’s seen/sensed the presence in the room too. Again, I kind of played this off as two people creating a shared delusion because of coincidentally shared experiences. However, something happened two nights ago that I cannot explain without acknowledging the existence of something in our home.

Like I said, we smoke a lot of pot, and recently got a new piece of glassware. I got a little too excited, and a lot too high. I was sitting on the couch with the kitchen to my right. It’s a sectional, so there’s another segment of couch with the back towards said kitchen. J was sitting on the same part as I was, and three other people were sitting on the other, including my other roommate, T, who becomes important later. I’ve never really had any paranormal experiences (save for once when I was a child where our upright piano played itself, but that was about ten years ago), so I was willing to blame what I saw on just being way too high. My vision was blurred and starting to spin, and I was largely just focusing on not throwing up when I saw a dark figure run behind the other side of the couch. J told me yesterday that he looked over and my eyes looked ready to pop out of my head, but again, he figured I was just greening out. However, I mentioned what I saw to him last night, joking about how I must be going crazy, and he looked at me and said “Wait, you saw it too?” He apparently saw the same thing, and was able to recall details about what was happening at the time, so he obviously wasn’t just playing off of what I saw. I think whatever was in the house knew we were talking about it, because about ten minutes later T walked out of his room and said that he felt like someone was watching him in there and that it was freaking him out.

Another more minor but still related event happened the same night as I saw the figure. It’s important to note that A is now (essentially, it’s complicated) dating T (small town, small group of friends). I messaged her and told her what happened, and she told me that T has felt like something was watching him ever since she left for a family trip (she usually stays with him at our place). If the entity is in his room, it kind of changes how I view what happened earlier in the evening, prior to my getting stoned. I had had a bad day and was feeling anxious, and often when that happens I’ll go sit with him in his room and talk for a while. However, when I walked in it was like my brain hit a brick wall. I stopped midway through a sentence, turned around, and started to walk out before he called me back, obviously confused as to what the hell I was doing. I went back and sat down to talk to him, but the whole time had this oppressive feeling like I needed to get out of that room. I don’t know if that’s related, but J went into that room last night and said something in there felt wrong. He also says he hasn’t felt the presence in his room for a while, which lines up with A leaving.

Obviously, this is all very strange for me. I don’t know what the presence is, though we’re not too concerned about it given it seems to mind it’s own business, and aside from occasional visuals isn’t really noticeable. I don’t know if you guys might have any insight, but whatever you’ve got is appreciated.


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