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From: Leah

My Experience :PLEASE READ AND RESPOND, I NEED ANSWERS ASAP. Ok so when i little i used to lie in bed at night and sleep like any normal little girl, when i got to around the age of 4 nearly 5 i can very clearly remember hoover noises above me, which was impossible as it would happen late at night and everyone would be in bed and the room above me was an attic. I also used to hear thuds like someone walking around in the attic and this would always happen at night. I remember feeling isolated and that no one believed me as i told my parents but they thought i was just playing around as i was a kid. From this point on i encounter more ‘abnormal ‘ happenings, i also used to have an imaginary friend called fred that was a ghost and died on a school trip crossing a lake with his friends,banged his head on a rock and died.a bit different to my friends imaginary friends i know. When i was 6 maybe 7 i layed in bed in a darkness where you can just make out objects and their silhouettes.i was laying facing a wall and a hand of about 20 cm appeared on the wall, i can remember looking to see a source of light making a shadow. But there was none. I moved around to see if it was my hand or something, but it wasn’t. I was frozen still and sweating like i couldn’t move for a bit before i shouted my mum, she came in and saw the hand on the wall and said everything was ok, even she looked scared because as i said, nothing was making the shadow. Another morning i woke to find scratches on my bed, normally 3 together. Until i was ten there was scratching and thumping on the walls that only i could hear, (we live in a detached house) and i was so scared to a point i didn’t want to go to bed anymore, i still heard noises coming from the attic too, but not the hoover anymore. One night me and my mum were having a goodnight hug outside my bedroom door and right above us is the attic hatch/door on the ceiling, and out of no where it fell on the top of us, luckily mum wasnt hurt, but i had a bad bruise on my head. When i was 12 i was doing a colouring book in my room, i was sat in the middle of my bedroom floor and all of a sudden there came thumps and it went right across one wall, to another and right around to the rest, i was absolutely petrified as my mum and brother were downstairs and i knew one of the walls was facing outside into the garden, i ran downstairs and told my mum, she just laughed. I hear noises still and see shadows dashing across the room sometimes (im used to it) but i need help because now it’s affecting me physically, i go to bed and am immersed in a dream when my imaginary friend (fred) comes into my dream and screams and then goes, a bit like a jumpscare. Also i lie in bed and my whole body jerks upwards, i cant help it, its like a twitch, i don’t think this is normal, SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE HELP AND SUGGEST ANYTHING THAT COULD BE GOING ON OR IF THE SAME THING HAS HAPPENED TO YOU.

Updated: July 6, 2018 — 10:06 am

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  1. Hello, are you still experiencing any of those things? I might be able to help. I hope I’m not too late.

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