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From: Icarus

My Experience: I do not know fully if this is a true paranormal experience and I am new to this website. Please excuse any mistakes I may make.

I have been seeing these little white creatures running across my floor, but whenever I look to see if they are actually there, they disappear. I hear things and now things have started falling? I don’t know if there are actual items falling and I am paranoid of asking my mother about it. I’ve used an old camera to try and see orbs, used my phone too, nothing has worked. This overwhelming feeling of sadness and anxiety has overcome my being ever since entering this room. I do believe it is haunted by a spirit, maybe even multiple. I am quite fearful of these spirits, and I have felt warmth on my legs while laying in bed. The warmth’s shape is like a hand, but the fingers are odd. I really need to close my closet. These occurrences have started only a few months ago, but they had been sporadic since I moved in with my family. I had joked to myself about it, saying it was the abundance of horror books I had that was making me believe this. I have taken photos of the items in my room to see if anything has moved during the night.

Updated: July 8, 2018 — 6:41 pm

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