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From: Peggy M
Subject: My Paranormal Experience
I went to sleep 4 nights ago. I was dreaming of different things that night. I figured that i was awake. I was being choked by something i couldn’t see. It terrified me so much. I went from a lying position while still being choked i went to a sitting position still feeling pressure around my throat of being choked and then was moved from where i was sitting to the same sitting position on my bed and then it stopped. Does anyone have any opinions on this let me know please

Updated: September 26, 2018 — 7:13 pm


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  1. Juan Alfonzo Jinez

    It is Alien machines that have been apply into your human body, I know because there is one in my body, look, if you want to know who is responsible for this evil alien machines, I will tell you who it is, it is Jehovah’s Witnesses…

    Just be careful do not act violent towards them, because the evil alien machine can attack you more,,, look,try to be professional and talk to them in a very smart way, and maybe the make the choice to get the evil machine out of your body, look, if you have some questions you can send me a message to or to my facebook profile just type: Juan Alfonzo Jinez and you can leave a message in messenger,,, hope you get the help you are looking for, take care and god bless you,,, good bye….

  2. I believe you, I went through getting yank off my bed, to levitation and slam around. No one in my family would believe me until this one nite my sister thought I was having a party in my room.
    She didn’t know that I was being slam against my walls. Until I got away & ran towards her room that was a many feet away from my outside room.
    So much to tell & so little time I have left in my life.

    1. I’ve experience this as a kid when I was in the bathroom. I also experience being held down in my sleep. These are demonds, if you notice when you screem Jesus it will remove it self or even fly off you. I’m still experiencing it as an adult. I dream of things and it will happened, when I look at a person in there eyes or touch them I can tell if they’re a good or a bad person. I can feel people emotions and I can hear what they are thinking sometime. My gift was a lot stronger before I cry to god one day and told him it’s too much and don’t want it. Now it happens to me when I need to know something.

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