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From: John Love
Subject: My Paranormal Experience
I had a dream, of a skeleton from nowhere, of a corpse in a house, and of woods, I was walking through surrounded by trees and leaves, and so I walked on the path, and there above on the hill I saw an old abandoned greying house, and a corpse Banshee with yellow skin and rotten teeth, and long feminine hair started to scream, and I started to run, and then I woke up.

Predictions are dreams.

Dreams are prophetic.

After this dream my grandmother died years later symbolized by the corpse in the house and even the Banshee screaming, my grandmother was kept Alive a corpse Zombie, screaming at me in a dream like a corpse Banshee, about her being dead, trying to warn me, or even just scare me away, trying to show me, as the dream of ghosts, that something was wrong, that in the dream of houses and me on the rooftops during nightfall I was as good as homeless even in my grandparents house because they had been murdered and kept Alive with Dark Sorcery, Resurrected from the dead as corpse mummy Zombies, Animated by the Sorceress and Sorcerer corresponding my grandmother and grandfather.

The dreams started Happening and Coinciding with the sleeping in the new house, after we moved mysteriously further away than where I was born from Pennsylvania to Arkansas, in the middle of nowhere, separated the Sorceress did deliberately from my family and Britain over seas, separated from myself, and from my grandparents in America who are now dead and deceased, and never coming back, yet after those dreams I saw my grandfather Glowing Green, and Grandmother Glowing Green, Alive, Kept Alive by Dark Sorcery.
My grandmother i Saw in a different country, in Missouri, after she died in Arkansas.
My grandfather also i Saw in Missouri state, again, after he died by almost a decade.
The Green Light Form is like the Blob, or the Thing, resulting from Mysticism, which Absorbs Souls as a Eater of Souls, and Absorbs and Liquidates Lives Frozen in Light as endless suffering a fate some say is far worse than Hell. Its like being trapped in the Realm of a Grim Reaper and Absorbed into Death’s Personalities for a comparison.
The Green Light Form results from the Shifting an Ancient God who rules the World.
The Green Light Form is named Death, for Death and the Liquidation of parasitic infection and disease of all life on earth and the Earth is what Death seeks to do and Earth and life to destroy.
The Green Light Form is 42 million years old, resulted from Her destruction and Ancient God which ruled the World, and still rules the World too most who know better.
The Green Light Form is Death Incarnate, a sick version of even the Grim Reaper in a liquidating narcissistic twist.

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Updated: November 11, 2019 — 6:14 pm

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