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From: Bryan
Subject: My Paranormal Experience

I’m not sure what it is but when I was asleep I woke up and heard these strange noises. I had so much fear. I said to my self it’s nothing then something jumped on me and it felt like I was being choked. Last night I felt like I was choked being by something but I’ve realized that if you talk they get scared . I’ve been reading and they say they can’t move or talk but I can move and I can talk and it feels so real. I don’t know what to do anymore. If anyone knows how to get through this please let me know I’m begging you.

Updated: December 11, 2019 — 4:10 pm

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  1. Hi I always hear my plates in my kitchen cupboard every night clamming together, and I live on my own. I always see white orbs and I have heard a man’s voice calling my name. I hear dragging sounds in the bedroom when I am just going to sleep at night, but I still go straight to sleep.

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