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 My Paranormal Experience is site that has been set for the public to publish and share their paranormal experiences.

We are particularly interested in receiving your true stories relating to:

Ghost Sighting and Hauntings

Pyschic Experiences

Spiritual Experiences.

So if wish to share your experience or are a psychic, medium or ghost hunter then send us the details through our “Submit Story” form above.

No need to register and it’s totally free.

Please note that in view of the expected content this site is considered to be unsuitable for children under 13.


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  1. I like to tell my experiences I got a lot of them

  2. I lived in a semi detached house in Timperley when I was a kid. At the age of 13 my 11 year old sister and my friend decided to make their own ouejie using scraps of paper with the alphabet and numbers 0-9.Nothing appeared to happen at the time. Our house was full of adolescents, alcoholics, arguments. Things would go missing which caused more arguments making whatever evil being to become stronger. I saw it twice and it was very tall and wearing a black hooded cloak (I never saw a face). It used to be right behind me as I went up the stairs. I’ll never forget that horrible feeling. I would never attempt to mess around with this kind of stuff although I do find it fascinating. Trust me, don’t fuck with the Unknown! It makes me laugh when people ask for something to happen and when it does they scream and run away! Why go in the first place?

  3. Feel welcome to give me feedback and I will look forward to replying and sharing experiences

  4. Hi, I have shared my experience, I hope it gets posted on here as it took me a while to type up LOL.

  5. Guys,

    Advice here. I was in bed recently and my arms began getting pulled up into the air, I also felt something press on my throat and body. I could see an indent around my bed. This happened again the other night although no pressing on me and no indent on the bed. My arms got pulled in the air and pinned against the headboard, rotated down and back onto the bed. This kept happening in a circular motion. Then it just stopped. I never used to believe in the paranormal but its clearly exists to me now. What is funny is my cousin who lives in another country is telling me she thinks shes going through a spiritual awakening.

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