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From: John Love
Subject: My Paranormal Experience
I had a dream, of a skeleton from nowhere, of a corpse in a house, and of woods, I was walking through surrounded by trees and leaves, and so I walked on the path, and there above on the hill I saw an old abandoned greying house, and a corpse Banshee with yellow skin and rotten teeth, and long feminine hair started to scream, and I started to run, and then I woke up.

Predictions are dreams.

Dreams are prophetic.

After this dream my grandmother died years later symbolized by the corpse in the house and even the Banshee screaming, my grandmother was kept Alive a corpse Zombie, screaming at me in a dream like a corpse Banshee, about her being dead, trying to warn me, or even just scare me away, trying to show me, as the dream of ghosts, that something was wrong, that in the dream of houses and me on the rooftops during nightfall I was as good as homeless even in my grandparents house because they had been murdered and kept Alive with Dark Sorcery, Resurrected from the dead as corpse mummy Zombies, Animated by the Sorceress and Sorcerer corresponding my grandmother and grandfather.

The dreams started Happening and Coinciding with the sleeping in the new house, after we moved mysteriously further away than where I was born from Pennsylvania to Arkansas, in the middle of nowhere, separated the Sorceress did deliberately from my family and Britain over seas, separated from myself, and from my grandparents in America who are now dead and deceased, and never coming back, yet after those dreams I saw my grandfather Glowing Green, and Grandmother Glowing Green, Alive, Kept Alive by Dark Sorcery.
My grandmother i Saw in a different country, in Missouri, after she died in Arkansas.
My grandfather also i Saw in Missouri state, again, after he died by almost a decade.
The Green Light Form is like the Blob, or the Thing, resulting from Mysticism, which Absorbs Souls as a Eater of Souls, and Absorbs and Liquidates Lives Frozen in Light as endless suffering a fate some say is far worse than Hell. Its like being trapped in the Realm of a Grim Reaper and Absorbed into Death’s Personalities for a comparison.
The Green Light Form results from the Shifting an Ancient God who rules the World.
The Green Light Form is named Death, for Death and the Liquidation of parasitic infection and disease of all life on earth and the Earth is what Death seeks to do and Earth and life to destroy.
The Green Light Form is 42 million years old, resulted from Her destruction and Ancient God which ruled the World, and still rules the World too most who know better.
The Green Light Form is Death Incarnate, a sick version of even the Grim Reaper in a liquidating narcissistic twist.

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From: Captain Neil A
Subject: My Paranormal Experience
I had this really scary dream last night. It was light there was these pair of hands coming at me and I  couldn’t  move . I asked who are you and they answered. “I’m Grisham and I’m here to kill you.”

Well Grisham is my friend Larry ‘s hunting partner.  I have never met the guy. Larry told me that Grisham would never hurt me cuz I If I’m Larry’s friend I’m his friend. Anyway it kept getting closer. Finally I was able to jump up. Then I woke up when my feet hit the floor.   I have never had a dream like this before and it scared the hill out of me I didn’t want to go back to sleep
Can some one help me an tell me what the hell happened. Thank you in advance.


From: James Illes

My Experience: When I was about 9-10 years old, I lived in Canada, Ontario, Hamilton… With my family (My Mother and three younger brothers) and I’ve seen something I can’t explain without it being supernatural… So this is what happened;

We went to visit my Grandmother at Toronto. I always really loved my Grandmother and still do to this day… But she always had some weird items and dolls around that would creep me out.. That time she had a very creepy looking doll under her bed… My smallest brother accidentally found it and when I took a look at it, it gave me chills… It was a porcelain doll (only its head) and had a black tear drop on its face… My Grandma instantly grabbed it out of my bro’s hand and put it back under the bed… She said it’s supposed to be there… As if that’s where it would belong… That creeped me out even more… That night we slept there and all night long I couldn’t sleep cuz I felt like someone’s watching me.. Nothing more happened at least there.. My mom and grandma never really got along so they were arguing about something and we went back home to Hamilton the next night… We arrived late at about 10 or 11 pm. When we went inside our house I felt really strange. It felt cold and creepy… As if the house would’ve been haunted. We were really tired so my mom just made us a place in the living room to sleep… All my brothers fell asleep… I was almost sleeping and I suddenly heard someone flushed the toilet… My mom was in a different room putting our clothes away… But I didn’t really mind… I thought it must have been a neighbor… (we lived in an apartment) Then after a short while I’ve heard it again. This time I was sure it was our toilet. And then I’ve heard my mom saying my name as if she’d be asking for me to help her… But I kinda acted that I was asleep… Lol And then I’ve heard it again, but somehow I felt that it wasn’t my mom calling my name… And the toilet flushed again… By then I got quite frightened. And then again she called, but this time I was sure it really was her… So I got up and went to the small hallway that leaded towards the room my mother was in… It was opened slightly and I could see that my mother was folding away our clothes. So I thought maybe she don’t need help anymore.. Cuz she didn’t say my name anymore… So I went back to bed… And then again the toilet flushed and my mom was calling me… So this time I decided to go to my mom in the room… As I started to walk on the hallway I was frightened to death… I literally looked in every closet and room.. (their doors were always opened) in the middle of the hall was the bathroom. And it’s door was opened. I don’t know how.. But I couldn’t go past the middle of the hall… I stopped exactly in the middle, where the bathroom was… And what ever I did I could not move.. Not even one more step. And then I turned towards the bathroom and right before my eyes I saw from nothing some smoke appear.. (by the way the lights were off..) And it formed into a beautiful woman kind of middle ages style… With long dress long hair… And she was totally made of smoke… Clear white smoke… And it appeared right in front of the toilet… Guess what?! It flushed it again… I was totally horrified… And then it slowly turned its face toward me… And started staring at me… But when I really got frightened was when I realized, that I can’t move… So I was and still kinda am religious (Jehova s witness was my mom and grandma also) So I was praying to God to help me… And instantly when I said His name Jehovah, It disappeared… And I felt kind of dizzy and went back to bed and fell almost instantly to sleep… The same night the fire bell rang… Exactly at midnight… And everyone had to go out of the building… But there was no fire… But I’ve heard that one fireman said to the other that “this is impossible, that no alarm glass is broken…” so it literally went on on its own…

So this was my story… I tried to make it sort… Sorry if my grammar is bad… English is my second language.. So I’m just wondering if anyone had anything similar happening with them…

Note; I was fully awake and yes I know about sleep paralysis and hallucinations, but this was totally different… I know, cuz I’ve had all of the above before…


From: Matt

My Experience: I moved about 2 years ago to live with my Aunt. I’ve had “weird” experiences before my time at my current house but never like this.
Both of my cousins have stayed In the room I sleep in now before as it was their room. All the time I feel like someone is watching me in the room and I feel like it’s a dark presence in the corner. When I asked my cousins about it they said they felt the same way when they had the room. I hear things late at night around 2am to 4am that are just odd always taking place down the hall but I’m too afraid to check it out. One day I was sleeping on the couch downstairs late at night almost half asleep I saw a man peering into the front door who had glasses who looked like he was from the 70’s.



From: Mikaela
My Experience: So, myself and my roommate have lived in an upstairs unit in a fourplex for close to 8 months now. I’ve never been a strong believer in the paranormal, having been raised religious and due to negative experiences in that having shied away from the metaphysical as a whole. However, what we have seen in that house has made me question my lack of belief.

My roommate, henceforth referred to as J, says he’s had experiences like I’m about to describe since he was young. He’s always had a feeling that something has been following him, and has seen movement and figures in dark rooms, but only when he’s been alone. After moving, he says he felt something in his room, and has seen a dark figure sitting hunched over in the corner. We smoke a lot of weed, and the kid has done a lot of drugs, so I kind of dismissed it as being a result of something along those lines. However, he had a short term girlfriend (I’ll call her A), who has had similar experiences and says she’s seen/sensed the presence in the room too. Again, I kind of played this off as two people creating a shared delusion because of coincidentally shared experiences. However, something happened two nights ago that I cannot explain without acknowledging the existence of something in our home.

Like I said, we smoke a lot of pot, and recently got a new piece of glassware. I got a little too excited, and a lot too high. I was sitting on the couch with the kitchen to my right. It’s a sectional, so there’s another segment of couch with the back towards said kitchen. J was sitting on the same part as I was, and three other people were sitting on the other, including my other roommate, T, who becomes important later. I’ve never really had any paranormal experiences (save for once when I was a child where our upright piano played itself, but that was about ten years ago), so I was willing to blame what I saw on just being way too high. My vision was blurred and starting to spin, and I was largely just focusing on not throwing up when I saw a dark figure run behind the other side of the couch. J told me yesterday that he looked over and my eyes looked ready to pop out of my head, but again, he figured I was just greening out. However, I mentioned what I saw to him last night, joking about how I must be going crazy, and he looked at me and said “Wait, you saw it too?” He apparently saw the same thing, and was able to recall details about what was happening at the time, so he obviously wasn’t just playing off of what I saw. I think whatever was in the house knew we were talking about it, because about ten minutes later T walked out of his room and said that he felt like someone was watching him in there and that it was freaking him out.

Another more minor but still related event happened the same night as I saw the figure. It’s important to note that A is now (essentially, it’s complicated) dating T (small town, small group of friends). I messaged her and told her what happened, and she told me that T has felt like something was watching him ever since she left for a family trip (she usually stays with him at our place). If the entity is in his room, it kind of changes how I view what happened earlier in the evening, prior to my getting stoned. I had had a bad day and was feeling anxious, and often when that happens I’ll go sit with him in his room and talk for a while. However, when I walked in it was like my brain hit a brick wall. I stopped midway through a sentence, turned around, and started to walk out before he called me back, obviously confused as to what the hell I was doing. I went back and sat down to talk to him, but the whole time had this oppressive feeling like I needed to get out of that room. I don’t know if that’s related, but J went into that room last night and said something in there felt wrong. He also says he hasn’t felt the presence in his room for a while, which lines up with A leaving.

Obviously, this is all very strange for me. I don’t know what the presence is, though we’re not too concerned about it given it seems to mind it’s own business, and aside from occasional visuals isn’t really noticeable. I don’t know if you guys might have any insight, but whatever you’ve got is appreciated.


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