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From: Bryan
Subject: My Paranormal Experience

I’m not sure what it is but when I was asleep I woke up and heard these strange noises. I had so much fear. I said to my self it’s nothing then something jumped on me and it felt like I was being choked. Last night I felt like I was choked being by something but I’ve realized that if you talk they get scared . I’ve been reading and they say they can’t move or talk but I can move and I can talk and it feels so real. I don’t know what to do anymore. If anyone knows how to get through this please let me know I’m begging you.



From: John Love
Subject: My Paranormal Experience
I had a dream, of a skeleton from nowhere, of a corpse in a house, and of woods, I was walking through surrounded by trees and leaves, and so I walked on the path, and there above on the hill I saw an old abandoned greying house, and a corpse Banshee with yellow skin and rotten teeth, and long feminine hair started to scream, and I started to run, and then I woke up.

Predictions are dreams.

Dreams are prophetic.

After this dream my grandmother died years later symbolized by the corpse in the house and even the Banshee screaming, my grandmother was kept Alive a corpse Zombie, screaming at me in a dream like a corpse Banshee, about her being dead, trying to warn me, or even just scare me away, trying to show me, as the dream of ghosts, that something was wrong, that in the dream of houses and me on the rooftops during nightfall I was as good as homeless even in my grandparents house because they had been murdered and kept Alive with Dark Sorcery, Resurrected from the dead as corpse mummy Zombies, Animated by the Sorceress and Sorcerer corresponding my grandmother and grandfather.

The dreams started Happening and Coinciding with the sleeping in the new house, after we moved mysteriously further away than where I was born from Pennsylvania to Arkansas, in the middle of nowhere, separated the Sorceress did deliberately from my family and Britain over seas, separated from myself, and from my grandparents in America who are now dead and deceased, and never coming back, yet after those dreams I saw my grandfather Glowing Green, and Grandmother Glowing Green, Alive, Kept Alive by Dark Sorcery.
My grandmother i Saw in a different country, in Missouri, after she died in Arkansas.
My grandfather also i Saw in Missouri state, again, after he died by almost a decade.
The Green Light Form is like the Blob, or the Thing, resulting from Mysticism, which Absorbs Souls as a Eater of Souls, and Absorbs and Liquidates Lives Frozen in Light as endless suffering a fate some say is far worse than Hell. Its like being trapped in the Realm of a Grim Reaper and Absorbed into Death’s Personalities for a comparison.
The Green Light Form results from the Shifting an Ancient God who rules the World.
The Green Light Form is named Death, for Death and the Liquidation of parasitic infection and disease of all life on earth and the Earth is what Death seeks to do and Earth and life to destroy.
The Green Light Form is 42 million years old, resulted from Her destruction and Ancient God which ruled the World, and still rules the World too most who know better.
The Green Light Form is Death Incarnate, a sick version of even the Grim Reaper in a liquidating narcissistic twist.

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From: Peggy M
Subject: My Paranormal Experience
I went to sleep 4 nights ago. I was dreaming of different things that night. I figured that i was awake. I was being choked by something i couldn’t see. It terrified me so much. I went from a lying position while still being choked i went to a sitting position still feeling pressure around my throat of being choked and then was moved from where i was sitting to the same sitting position on my bed and then it stopped. Does anyone have any opinions on this let me know please


From: Healani
Subject: My Paranormal Experience

It started when I was just 9 or 10 years old. one nite I just went to bed when I felt a hand on my foot. when I went to look I was yank out  of my bed. I ran towards the light, I turn it on and there was nothing in my room. I went to my parents to tell them what just happen but they didn’t believe me, all they said is that it was just a bad dream. I knew it wasn’t because I wasn’t asleep.
every other night I was going through it until this one certain night while every one was asleep, I felt myself being levitated off my bed. I was really scared but I couldn’t even move. I could hear myself saying the lords prayers but nothing was coming out of my mouth.
as years passed my paranormal only got worse as time went by. I tried to tell my sister whose above me and even her didn’t believe me and so I was so frustrated I yelled and said maybe if I get posses maybe you all will believe me..
Its a long story, but if you can send someone to record my story and get me hypnotize it would be great because I want to know why it happen to me. My sister above me did experience the feeling of a darkness that we both will never forget for as long as we live.


Additional submission:-

It all started back in the 60’s when I was between the ages of 10/12 years old. my first experience was when I had my first room. I was just about to go to sleep when I heard this siren of an ambulance, fire truck and police car. at that moment I became paralysis and I’m not sure if it was because of fear or if it was something I couldn’t control? I felt a hand grab my legs and I couldn’t even yell for help. It would grab my legs and yank me straight off my bed and right after I would run to the room light and turn it on and there was nothing. no one was in my room but me. it went on for a few years and at the age of 18/19 the paranormal became more intense where or should I say more advanced that this time, (same as always) I would hear the siren of a police car, ambulance, and fire truck before I would be paralyzed. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t expect ot be levitated off my bed.  That was the first for me.
If only I could find me someone who would hypnotize me it would be great. that way they can tell you the full story of my paranormal experiences. There”s only one person in my family that can tell you the experience they had with me. where I was lifted off the floor out of mid air, no one in the room but me and that spirit who attacked me. I was shoved back and  forth from my bed to the room wall. my sister sapphire Winston who lives in Washington can tell you exactly what she heard and what happen when she got to the end of the Lite Chee Tree.


From: Icarus

My Experience: I do not know fully if this is a true paranormal experience and I am new to this website. Please excuse any mistakes I may make.

I have been seeing these little white creatures running across my floor, but whenever I look to see if they are actually there, they disappear. I hear things and now things have started falling? I don’t know if there are actual items falling and I am paranoid of asking my mother about it. I’ve used an old camera to try and see orbs, used my phone too, nothing has worked. This overwhelming feeling of sadness and anxiety has overcome my being ever since entering this room. I do believe it is haunted by a spirit, maybe even multiple. I am quite fearful of these spirits, and I have felt warmth on my legs while laying in bed. The warmth’s shape is like a hand, but the fingers are odd. I really need to close my closet. These occurrences have started only a few months ago, but they had been sporadic since I moved in with my family. I had joked to myself about it, saying it was the abundance of horror books I had that was making me believe this. I have taken photos of the items in my room to see if anything has moved during the night.

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