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From: Mikaela
My Experience: So, myself and my roommate have lived in an upstairs unit in a fourplex for close to 8 months now. I’ve never been a strong believer in the paranormal, having been raised religious and due to negative experiences in that having shied away from the metaphysical as a whole. However, what we have seen in that house has made me question my lack of belief.

My roommate, henceforth referred to as J, says he’s had experiences like I’m about to describe since he was young. He’s always had a feeling that something has been following him, and has seen movement and figures in dark rooms, but only when he’s been alone. After moving, he says he felt something in his room, and has seen a dark figure sitting hunched over in the corner. We smoke a lot of weed, and the kid has done a lot of drugs, so I kind of dismissed it as being a result of something along those lines. However, he had a short term girlfriend (I’ll call her A), who has had similar experiences and says she’s seen/sensed the presence in the room too. Again, I kind of played this off as two people creating a shared delusion because of coincidentally shared experiences. However, something happened two nights ago that I cannot explain without acknowledging the existence of something in our home.

Like I said, we smoke a lot of pot, and recently got a new piece of glassware. I got a little too excited, and a lot too high. I was sitting on the couch with the kitchen to my right. It’s a sectional, so there’s another segment of couch with the back towards said kitchen. J was sitting on the same part as I was, and three other people were sitting on the other, including my other roommate, T, who becomes important later. I’ve never really had any paranormal experiences (save for once when I was a child where our upright piano played itself, but that was about ten years ago), so I was willing to blame what I saw on just being way too high. My vision was blurred and starting to spin, and I was largely just focusing on not throwing up when I saw a dark figure run behind the other side of the couch. J told me yesterday that he looked over and my eyes looked ready to pop out of my head, but again, he figured I was just greening out. However, I mentioned what I saw to him last night, joking about how I must be going crazy, and he looked at me and said “Wait, you saw it too?” He apparently saw the same thing, and was able to recall details about what was happening at the time, so he obviously wasn’t just playing off of what I saw. I think whatever was in the house knew we were talking about it, because about ten minutes later T walked out of his room and said that he felt like someone was watching him in there and that it was freaking him out.

Another more minor but still related event happened the same night as I saw the figure. It’s important to note that A is now (essentially, it’s complicated) dating T (small town, small group of friends). I messaged her and told her what happened, and she told me that T has felt like something was watching him ever since she left for a family trip (she usually stays with him at our place). If the entity is in his room, it kind of changes how I view what happened earlier in the evening, prior to my getting stoned. I had had a bad day and was feeling anxious, and often when that happens I’ll go sit with him in his room and talk for a while. However, when I walked in it was like my brain hit a brick wall. I stopped midway through a sentence, turned around, and started to walk out before he called me back, obviously confused as to what the hell I was doing. I went back and sat down to talk to him, but the whole time had this oppressive feeling like I needed to get out of that room. I don’t know if that’s related, but J went into that room last night and said something in there felt wrong. He also says he hasn’t felt the presence in his room for a while, which lines up with A leaving.

Obviously, this is all very strange for me. I don’t know what the presence is, though we’re not too concerned about it given it seems to mind it’s own business, and aside from occasional visuals isn’t really noticeable. I don’t know if you guys might have any insight, but whatever you’ve got is appreciated.


Johnny:  The Ghost of Gladstone Villa – Bargoed South Wales

From: Andrew Dexter

”Johnny:  The Ghost of Gladstone villa”.

My Experience: What you are about to read is a true story, this really is a genuine case that really did happen to me and my family many years ago in Wales.
My family and I lived at a large property called Gladstone villa in the former mining town of Bargoed in the Caerphilly county borough of the South Wales valleys through out the 1970’s.
We experienced phenomena that simply defied any rational explanation, like footsteps that would be heard on a regular bases in the bedroom mainly in the evening, sometimes during the day when we’d all be sat down stairs watching television, one of us would turn the volume down to hear the footsteps more clearly.
We also had some minor poltergeist activity,  lights going off and on, electrical cables being pulled by unseen forces from upstairs and my grandfather said he had a glass bottle thrown towards him as he entered the main bedroom,  just missing him, I can still remember him coming into the living room with the broken bottle in his hands.
There was also the occasional sighting but this was very rare indeed,  so rare in fact that in all the years I was living at Gladstone villa I didn’t see any manifestations or apparitions but my mother did, on three separate occasions.
There were four family members,  my maternal grandparents William and Rita Higgs.
William was known as Bill to his family and friends, he was a pot bellied bald man with hair on the back of his head, a former miner that worked Bargoed colliery in the 1950’s.
In his spare time he liked nothing more than playing his records and LP’s on a Sunday, he liked Country and Western, Johnny Cash, Slim Whitman and Glen Campbell being a particular favourite of his but he did have the likes of Elvis and pink Floyd in his collection.
Rita was  house wife, a short woman with long dark but graying hair who liked to smoked,  she was a little dotty as she collected garden gnomes and enjoyed watching ”Songs of praise” on BBC one.
My parents were William Douglas Dexter and my mother is Caroline.
My father much preferred to be called by his middle name Douglas as he hated William.
He was a tall slim man who was a heavy smoker but he was very placid and he worked the regular night shift at the bake house in Baldwin street.
My mother Caroline, a short woman with short black hair, she grew up in the Bargoed area and attended the school nearby by, when she left she got a job at the bake house in Baldwin street on regular day shift, this is where my parents met.
They dated for three years before they married on Monday April 1st 1968 but it was 2 pm at Cardiff registry office it wasn’t such a foolish thing to do after all, though it did rain that day from what is seen in the wedding photo’s, the Beatles were number one in the British charts with,  ”Lady Madonna”,  very apt !
They didn’t get a place of their own, they stayed with my grandparents Bill and Rita at Gladstone villa in Cardiff road, Bargoed.
I was born in the August of 1969 and it was soon after that my mother said that the paranormal activity began.
She said it all started off rather quietly with little tapping’s here and there, hardly noticeable and nothing to be too concerned about but the activity did increase in time.
She told me it really started in the attic, the family heard a noise upstairs like somebody jumping down from the attic and on to the landing floor.
Naturally thinking that someone was trying to break in, the family immediately went upstairs to investigate, they saw nobody there but the hatch to the attic was open.
What ever it was eventually occupied itself in the main bedroom, which incidentally belonged to my grandparents.
It didn’t take for the spirit to make its presents felt, it would be heard walking around the main bedroom when the family were downstairs.
Typical poltergeist activity would occur.
My mother said that one time she went to my cot and the pillow inside was torn right in half, I don’t think I was in it at the time.
Another time, the family went out for the day, when they returned to Gladstone villa they found that the furniture had been turned upside down.
There was no obvious signs of a break in, no forced entries and nothing was stolen after everything had been checked.
Another time my mother went to get my father up from bed ready for his night shift at the bake house, when got to the landing she found that his bedroom slippers had been thrown out the door.
More was to come, when she got in the bedroom she was confronted by the sight of the ironing board neatly placed over my fathers torso as he slept soundly.
She managed to wake him and as he came to he was astonished to find the situation that he was in.
My father was suspicious of my grandfather Bill, thinking that he may have been involved in playing tricks, but as time progressed he knew my grandfather wasn’t responsible.
My parents separated sometime in 1972, but it wasn’t because of what was going on at Gladstone villa, it was just a break down of the marriage.
They finally divorced on April 25th 1975, the big craze at the time was the Scottish band the Bay city Rollers were number one on this date with,  ”Bye Bye Baby”,   again very apt, it would be amusing if it wasn’t a sad situation.
I have no memory of my father living at Gladstone villa at all, I was only two years old when he left, but he would see me on weekend.
He would pick me up every Saturday from Gladstone villa to take me to the Cameo cinema in Bargoed, that was a treat, but the paranormal activity was still going on, occasionally interrupting our reasonably normal lives.
As I got older I experienced the phenomena for myself, I too heard all the footsteps in the main bedroom walking around the room and I can still remember my grandfather Bill looking up to the ceiling and pointing to it and saying,  ”He’s by here”    ”He’s by there now”  He was trying to point out just exactly where the noises was coming from.
I too witnessed with my own eyes the poltergeist activity, I actually saw the electrical cables being pulled from the back of the television and my grandfather Bill would get angry in case it caused any damage.
It got so bad that my mother, grandmother and I slept on sofa’s downstairs with the lights on all night.
It was only my grandfather Bill who was supposedly brave enough to sleep in that room, but one time he told us of an unpleasant experience he had alone in there.
He told us of the time when he was in the room by himself, just lying on the bed, when he heard what sounded like a creak in the floorboards by the door, suddenly he was  completely paralyzed, he couldn’t move at all, he couldn’t even shout to us to help him,  that must have been a frightening experience for him.
I also had an unpleasant experience in there one night.
I was all alone in that bedroom, the light was on as I was scared of the dark as I was still a child at the time.
I was lying on the bed, on my left, facing the window that led to Cardiff road and directly in Bargoed town centre and it was quiet apart from the traffic outside.
All of a sudden I felt something pounce on the bed, like an animal, it was just once and I heard the bed springs move up and down.
Naturally I was too scared to look up straight away but when I did there was nothing there to be seen at all !
I went down stairs to tell my mother and my grandparents and of course they went up stairs and as we got to the bedroom, the light was still on and we clearly saw the distinctive paw marks embedded in the sheets !!
Mrs Ivy France was a family friend, more of a friend to my grandmother Rita, she was well into her 50’s when I knew her back in the 1970’s.
She had short white hair and always wore glasses, she smoked, liked a game of bingo at the local OAP hall near Gladstone villa and she liked reading the tea leaves from the cup but she didn’t believe my grandmother when she told her that Gladstone villa was haunted.
I can still recall Ivy France going into that bedroom and looking around, telling us it was the vibration from the traffic outside causing it.
Her opinion was soon to change  when she finally experienced it for herself on night and it was then she suggested the local medium John Matthews that she knew.
When John arrived he started asking the family questions, then he began by challenging the entity to perform by knocking on the ceiling, the spirit Immediately knocked back at him.
At some point, the medium John went into a trance to try and make contact with it,  he failed to get a name but he later confirmed the blatantly obvious that there was indeed a presence there and it was an earthbound spirit.
A priest by the name of Graham Jones was also called to Gladstone villa, he blessed the property and after prayers he duly left and all was quiet for a few short months, but the activity did return, the footsteps in the bedroom, as well as the noises, loud bangs and dragging sounds only this time it decided to show itself.
One night my mother, grandfather and I were watching television, my grandmother Rita was reading a book on the sofa.
My mother Caroline just so happened to look to her left where my grandmother was and she saw the full solid figure of a monk standing behind the sofa, where my grandmother was,  near the doorway.
We didn’t see this as we were watching the television but my mother later described in detail what she saw.
She said she saw a monk, in typical brown habit, complete with hood over the head, so she didn’t see its face, she said it was there for a moment and it was gone !!
Another sighting took place during the day !
My mother and I were in the living room when she went over to the sofa to get something.
She looked to her left towards the hallway and I saw the look of shear confusion on her face.
She later told me that she saw the face of an elderly man looking into the room from the hallway that lead up to the bedrooms.
I didn’t see this as I was behind the door that was wide open, obscuring the hallway.
She described his as an old man in his 60’s with a shock of white wavy hair, a face she did not know.
Fred Davies was a friend of my grandfather Bill, they worked together at Bargoed colliery.
Fred was a slim man who always wore a flap cap, smoked his own home made cigarettes which hung from his mouth as he spoke.
He came to visit us one day, he sat in his favourite chair by the open fire, I was playing by the side board quite happily, it was quiet when all of a sudden there was this one huge loud bang, so loud that Fred actually ducked his head, it scared me so much that I ran to my mother !!
When it was all quiet again, we all went upstairs to see what had happened, my grandfather Bill  would always be the first to go and I would be the last.
When we got to the bedroom we could not find anything to account for the loud bang we heard.
Fred later told us that he ducked his head because he thought it was going to come through the ceiling, it was like someone dropping a heavy trunk !!.
Fred told us of another experience he had.
My grandfather Bill always liked looking out the landing window, facing Cardiff road and the South of Bargoed town centre.
On this particular occasion Fred Davies joined him,  as he was by the window Fred said he felt something gently brush pass him, as if Fred was in it’s way.
We had the ghost for so long that my grandmother Rita gave it a nick name, she called it ‘Johnny’, every now and then for amusement my grandfather Bill would mock it by shouting out that name to get a reaction but nothing would happen.
My grandfather Bill would play his records every Sunday and I recall one time when Johnny kept switching the electric off while Bill was playing the 70’s group, ‘slade’  their 1974 album,  ‘Old new borrowed and blue”.
Similar thing would happen when my grandmother would watch the BBC show, ”Songs of praise”  Johnny would start his nonsense and perform, as if it took exception to religious music.
Both my mother Caroline and my grandfather Bill claimed to have heard a baby crying in the bedroom, but as I didn’t hear this my self personally I took very little notice of this at the time.
We left Gladstone villa in the Summer of 1978 when two local business men bought the property and by the early 1980s it was eventually converted into a small hotel and its name was changed to  ”Redz parc hotel”.
On our very last night at Gladstone villa we still had paranormal activity.
All our belongings were packed in black plastic bags and were in the hallway we were all getting ready to settle down for the night, ready for the busy day ahead.
The lights were on, grandfather Bill was upstairs in the bedroom, it was  quiet when we heard that the bags were being thrown around the hall way, we heard the rustling.
Then the old fashioned rounded door knocked was turning, as if someone was trying to get in, this made my mother call to my grandmother in panic.
I actually suspected my grandfather Bill of playing a prank on us so I shouted out to him, but there was no answer and the door knob stopped moving.
The next day we asked my grandfather if he was the one responsible for the incident the night before, he insisted it wasn’t him !!
I had my 40th birthday at Redz parc hotel in the August of 2009 for old times sake and it was the staff who told me of their own personal experiences, particularly in room five, where they had an eerie feeling.
I did some research of my former childhood home and I discovered some very interesting things indeed.
I found out from newspaper archives and maps at Bargoed library that Gladstone villa dates back to the early 1900’s and it was named after the former liberal prime minister William Gladstone.
From the family notices of the South Wales echo I found that the Kimmett family lived there in 1924, Michael and Evelyn, and their four month old baby son Elvin Rowlands Kimmiett died at Gladstone villa, this explains the baby my mother and grandfather heard.
I also discovered that there was also a monastery in Baldwin street, where my parents met and worked at the bake house !
A priest hide is said to be at an old listed property called ”The RAFFA club” which is one of the oldest buildings in Bargoed, dating back to the 17th century, also tunnels are said to lead up two local villages, this explains the monk my mother saw.
I don’t know who the old man was, the man my mother saw, but I did learn that the Mills family also lived at Gladstone villa, and Edgar Mills said it was haunted, maybe the old man with white hair my mother saw was Edgar Mills.
As for the paw marks on the bed we saw,  the night we left Gladstone villa the remains of a dog was found in the bed room, my grandfather Bill burnt those remains.
What I have said here is the truth, I wouldn’t share this if I couldn’t possibly back it up and I challenge any hardened skeptic to stay there a while,  they will indeed most certainly question their belief system, of that I have no absolute doubt at all what so ever that they will come out believers, I am so deadly serious about that, and I’m quite sincere indeed.
Check it out, the property is still there in Cardiff road, bargoed, google map it.




From: Tiffany

My Experience: My paranormal experience is sort of scary. It all began when I was 7. My family and I were attending a local church, though none of us kids cared much to be there. None of us hated it more than my oldest brother. At the time he was 12, and was going through the phase of finding himself. In doing so, he began to rebel against my father’s faith. We were in church almost 7 days a week, but he started exploring other religions. At one point he started dabbling in spirit conjuring. One afternoon I headed to his bedroom to see where he was. I don’t remember why, but nevertheless I was there. I opened his door to see my brother setting up candles and blue crystal looking stones in specific parts of his room. He positioned them in a circular pattern in the floor. Being so young, I thought nothing of it. In fact, I walked right to the middle of the circle and sat there. To my left was a book, I picked it up. “What’s this?” I asked. “It’s a book of demons.” He replied. “What’s it for?” I asked again. “You give each one a mission, before you call it.” I flipped through the pages and stopped on a particular entity. The demon on this page looked particulary mean. A spell was written under his picture, but I didn’t read it. I asked, “Who is this?” to which my brother replied, “Oh, don’t mess with that one. He’s mean, if you call him and don’t have a mission for him; he’ll kill you.” I slammed the book closed and dropped it. My brother picked the book up, opened it, and began reciting one of the spells. I was frightened so I ran away. Things I can’t explain started happening after that. One night, as I was laying in bed I saw the silhouette of an old woman standing in my closet. She was hunched over on a crutch, but dressed in worn, dirty rags from some other time period. Above me two faces rested on the wall. One stared across the room, the other at me. I was scared stiff. That night it rained, thundered, and lightening flashed. Opposite my bed, a man in what looked like Roman soldier garments stood facing the window. Something about him didn’t scare me. He actually made the other spirits go away. Things continued to get weird. I had a reoccurring nightmare almost every night. Voices spoke to me taunting that my father was going to die soon, and so would I. If I was alone in the house, I heard footsteps walking around, but no one was there. I’d been chased by spirits through the house. I almost had a breakdown. My parents found out about my brother’s books, and made him get rid of them, but I feel spirits have off and on made contact with me since.



From: Danny Havoc

My Experience: My wife and our 3 children (our 13 year old twin boy and girl and 11 year old boy) decided to go out of town to a large mall we don’t usually visit. We were there more than a year earlier, and heard that some stores changed. Some leaving some new ones arriving. Upon entering the mall, I and two of my kids had to use the restroom. The one restroom closest to where the food court used to be was still open, however all the stores on both sides were vacant and under construction for new incoming stores. The area was dim, the floor covered with plaster dust from the work being done, however there were no footprints leading down the hallway leading to the restrooms. I assumed the hanging plastic and construction signs were just keeping the average mall-goers away. As we walked through the plastic partitions keeping the general public from the construction area, I happened upon what I thought was an exposed wire. However, when I investigated, I found it to be an odd silver pendant on a silver chain, hanging on a nail. It looked to be a stylized symbol of a hand with an eye in the center, the iris covered by a purple Jewel. Thinking somebody just left it hanging on the nail and forgot about it, I picked it up and gave it to my daughter, who loves weird and interesting jewerly of all kinds. It was right up her alley. After we went home from the mall my daughter was complaining about a headache. We gave her some medicine and let her laying down. After that, I thought it was a good idea to wash the pendant in case whoever had it before may have been sweating or sick. After I washed it, I wore it myself over my shirt for a short while just to expose it to the air and let it dry. Later that night, I experienced a bad migraine, myself. Thinking it might have been some bad food from the food court, I disregarded it, hung the pendant up in my room and went to sleep. The next day, I woke up with the same migraine, even though I took a powerful headache medicine the night before. Eventually, the migraine did go away and I was able to carry about my normal daily routine. When I got home from work, I decided to investigate the symbol of the pendant, itself. As it turns out, it was supposed to be an ancient symbol of good luck and good fortune. Still, I did not associate my headache and my daughter’s headache with the pendant. Being a bit of a spiritualist, and appreciating the uniqueness of the thing, i polished the pendant a little bit with jewerly cleaner, and wore it again for the rest of the day. I did not get a migraine this time, however, I did slip on the last step of my basement stairs, badly twisting my ankle. After I painfully climbed back up the stairs, with my one still good foot, I slipped on some water in the bathroom and hit my shoulder hard against the wall, almost hard enough to dislocate it, according to my nurse wife. I started to have doubts about the pendants ability to Grant good luck. Still, I did not associated with anything evil. Later that night, even though under heavy medication for the pain in my shoulder and foot, I had trouble sleeping. Now, I put the pendant in my room in the same place it was the first night we found it; hanging from a peg on a bookshelf that hangs over our bed. Quick side note: tonight, for some reason, our Pitbull and Jack Russell refused to sleep in our bedroom. They constantly follow us upstairs every time we go to our bedroom, expecting us to crawl under the covers so they could lay down with us. This time, they both stayed downstairs and curled up next to each other on the futon, both of them giving us a timid, scared look. Anyway, that night I had severe trouble getting to sleep. When I finally did, I had very weird dreams. I dreamt I was standing in the middle of a hand, a very large hand, perhaps the size of a football field. I cannot see what it was attached to, but when I went towards the center I noticed a large purple eye staring straight up. The dream was disturbing enough that it woke me in the middle of the night. Now, my wife and I keep a lava lamp in our bedroom on all night. I know it sounds funny, but when we were dating as teenagers, she always thought the lava lamp in my bedroom at my parents house was kind of cool. So, when we got our own home, the lava lamp was essential. Well, in the dim green light of our lava lamp on our desk, I could see, floating in the middle of our bedroom, was the pendant. It was just suspended in midair, as it hanging from a nail I could not see. Without my glasses, and still thinking I was dreaming, I just curled up under the blankets close my eyes tight and went back to sleep. In the morning however I found the pendant was gone from where I left it on the peg left the night before, and was now laying in the middle of our bedroom. This was disturbing enough, but when both of our sons woke up violently ill, I knew something had to be done. I explained the circumstances to my wife, and showed her the research I did on the image of the pendant. She at this point became just as scared as I was. Now, understanding the problem and knowing what to do about a problem are two completely different issues. I knew my limited knowledge of the Paranormal would not be enough to stop something that could make all of my children sick and have enough influence to physically harm me. We placed the pendant in a jar and completely covered it with sea salt my wife’s sister and brought back from a trip she took to the Dead Sea. After that, we decided to pour holy water on the salt. We used three different bottles of holy water, from three of the oldest churches in New York City that we visited on a historical vacation that she and I took the year prior. Just for good measure, I placed a quartz crystal that I previously found on a walking tour of an old mine in our local area in the salt with the pendant. Often times, I used the crystal in prayer and meditation, and only ever fed into it positive energy and Good Vibrations to assist with my prayers. Finally, with all that done, my wife and I comprised a note explaining the circumstances that let us to discover the pendant, the events that occurred after we brought it into our home, and the reason for its abandonment. That night, around midnight, I left our home in our car by myself with the pendant in its container. I drove to our local church, and left the jar and an envelope with the note we wrote in the mailbox of the rectory, hoping our local Parish priest would be more equipped to deal with a cursed item than we were. Sure enough, the next day,  my two boys and our daughter both felt fine.  Was it just a 24 hour bug ? I will never know. But sure enough, a few days later during his sermon, the priest took a moment to explain the note and the jar that he received anonymously in his mailbox. Addressing the congregation as though the person who left it in his mailbox was present, he assured everyone that the pendent was blessed, consecrated and properly disposed of, and would be troubling no one anymore. As far as my kids know, the pendant is lost somewhere in our house, misplaced when we were all sick or hurt. Hopefully, they’ll never know how close we all were to real danger. My advice to anyone who finds any amulets or necklaces in areas where they are not supposed to be is this; LEAVE THEM ALONE! There’s more ways than you can imagine that the forces of evil have to enter your home and harm you. Until next time, all; safe journeys.



From: bobby heartless

My Experience : Recently I was in my bedroom changing clothes and I’m heard a very loud snap, like a whip would sound like. It was like a sound that came from the air behind me with no obvious origin.A Short time later I was with my wife in our kitchen and we both heard it, a very loud snap. I have heard that snap two more times. I’m trying communicate with other members about this., can you help? Thanks


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