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From: Icarus

My Experience: I do not know fully if this is a true paranormal experience and I am new to this website. Please excuse any mistakes I may make.

I have been seeing these little white creatures running across my floor, but whenever I look to see if they are actually there, they disappear. I hear things and now things have started falling? I don’t know if there are actual items falling and I am paranoid of asking my mother about it. I’ve used an old camera to try and see orbs, used my phone too, nothing has worked. This overwhelming feeling of sadness and anxiety has overcome my being ever since entering this room. I do believe it is haunted by a spirit, maybe even multiple. I am quite fearful of these spirits, and I have felt warmth on my legs while laying in bed. The warmth’s shape is like a hand, but the fingers are odd. I really need to close my closet. These occurrences have started only a few months ago, but they had been sporadic since I moved in with my family. I had joked to myself about it, saying it was the abundance of horror books I had that was making me believe this. I have taken photos of the items in my room to see if anything has moved during the night.


From: Aaron

My Experience: This is a bit of a long story, and I’m not entirely certain where to start with it. To begin with, there has been an entity following and “interacting” with me since I was 9. (I am 19.) The first time I encountered her was in a dream. In the dream I was running from her in the night for whatever reason. Eventually she cornered me, and I realized I couldn’t fight her. She began to cast some kind of spell in another language, and I knelt down, and then experienced the most fantastic sensation that I can possibly describe. For future reference, let us call this the “sting.”

The sting is extremely pleasurable, and usually experienced in my solar plexus or Sacral (chakra) areas, although there is some variability going up to my heart and to my root.

After this dream, I began to experience it in my waking life and in other dreams. Whenever she appeared, she was an extremely beautiful girl, with varying appearance. I feel as though through these experiences she was communicating to me on a much deeper level than what is possible between humans.

She is also usually a combination of being extraordinarily gorgeous and moderately terrifying in a “ferocious” type of manner.

One time while I was awake and sober, I saw a shadow swimming around in some tea that I prepared. I decided to drink it anyways, and afterwards I saw a shadow fly into my room from the far end of the hallway. I followed it in, and then experienced the sting with such force that I collapsed onto the floor, “crippled” from the amazing sensation.

After several years of periodically experiencing similar things, I got into drugs. My favorite of which being hallucinogens.

I had two trips (once just one tab, the next just two tabs of regular acid.) before the most amazing and horrifying experience of my life. What I will tell you next is the “meat” of what I have to say. Posthence of this occurring, I concluded these research chemicals were worth about 60 hits of acid.

I took three hits of whatever it was sometime in early afternoon. I was still quite lucid during the first portion of the climb up. I saw symbols and sigils form within my environment and upon myself.

I got in my friends car, and was driving down the street, which appeared to be melting and stretching dramatically. We arrived at his first job, with the car parked outside of a football stadium.
Then I blasted off.

I lost who I was entirely, I melted into absolute bliss. I had no awareness of anything around me, at least not consciously.

I began to experience amazing things. Like I had just met “god” and simultaneously realized that I was god. I watched fantastic alien artifacts spawn into existence before me, disappear, and be replaced by even better artifacts and technology. Everything appeared to be radiating golden light.

My body was racked with pleasure of many sorts, physically and otherwise.

I had visions of creating the universe, and how it made sense that only a god as fucked up as me could invent such a horror, yet still enjoy it.

Apparently during those experiences, my friend was trying to get my attention, and I was repeating the names of people/things that were significant in my life. He said he was yelling at me and even shaking me to get my attention but I didn’t hardly know he was even there.

I also had points where I said things and they teleported right next to me. I remember ripping off my friends back mirror, thinking about power and what it meant. What I defined as power.

I was overwhelmed with pleasure and ecstasy in every form, however after a good bit I became numb to it. I wanted more, and I asked for more but didn’t receive it. Something did tell me I would after a “while longer” however. To which I was overjoyed. And then I began to fall into an advanced depression.

Then the “negative” portion began. It would have been a bad trip, but I was so far gone, I didn’t care about pain. I was numb yet some piece of me still found enjoyment in it.

First I began to ask myself: why do anything at all? Nothing matters. I have been everywhere and seen everything good in the world. (Or as far as I can tell, what any man can experience.) I lied down in the back of the vehicle. Then I bounced out of the depression and Into something else.

It felt like fingers were closing around my literal heart, crushing it. I didn’t care. I watched the hairs on my body grow, and become multicolored. Then there was a black “creep” that grew onto my arms and legs. It felt like it was embedding into me. My eyes along with the rest of my body soon enough. I watched myself transform into a literal demon, and then had an OBE where I saw myself explode from the car as a full fledged demon on a populated highway.

Even though I was in tremendous pain of many sorts, the truest part of myself was still having fun. I then was visited by beings that resembled people I had met in my life, except for one. They all tortured me ruthlessly in as many manners as a human can imagine. They showed me the most horrible experiences in the first person that humanity has inflicted upon itself. I’ll spare you the disturbing details.

Then I was handed a key. And once I was given that key, I heard thousands of entities attempting to escape from me. They said things like: oh shit he has it! Run! I heard engines starting, helicopters roaring, and sirens screaming. It was like a cosmic warning system for gods was sounding, proclaiming that a convict had escaped from divinities most guarded prison.

And after a good while, it just… stopped. I saw a beautiful entity spawn outside of the car. She transformed the entire world around her, including myself. She radiated golden light, and sigils formed in a colossal wave due to her presence. She purged my pain, and allowed me to perceive the most beautiful things I could imagine. Then I fell unconscious.

When I awoke, I wondered how I hadn’t died, and if I had died and was simply crammed back into my flesh.

She however, was unfathomably gorgeous. In more ways than I could understand, even in my “heightened” state. I don’t imagine I could ever forget her. The sun shown anew as well, and I saw “rainbow” colors in extraordinary vividness.

Golden haired, tanned smooth skin. I don’t recall exactly what she was wearing, or her specific eye color, but I thought it was green.

This entity is the one I formerly mentioned that has stung me in the past. It’s been a little over a year since that experience, but even still I can’t stop thinking about it. I should have died that night, or at least become a vegetable, but here I am.

Afterwards, we discovered burn marks on the ceiling of my friends car, which we have no clue how they got there. We didn’t smoke cigarettes at the time, there were no lighters and no ash trays. I personally suspect that I could have began to legitimately transform into something else, or my temperature skyrocketed to the point that I actually did burn it simply by touching it. But that doesn’t explain how I got out of it unscathed.

When I woke up I was completely sober, but far beyond any level of natural shock. I could barely speak to my friend for the rest of the night and the next day.

Just a few weeks to a month ago, this being spoke to me in a dream for the first time, in english. For what she said to make any sense I need to give some context. I’ve always been enamored with the occult, and have studied everything from it, to religion, to sciences (theoretical and otherwise.) and have been delving deeper into it to try and find a sense of purpose in my existence. That and to find out what and who she is. I began actually delving into the occult around the time I was 14.

She talked with me about the progress I have been making “Towards her dimension” now while I’m not certain of what that means, but I have a few basic ideas.


From: Sio

My Experience: I’m going to start off by saying that nothing majorly scary has happened but occurances have well occurred . In my old house the one I grew up in for 11 years of my life , I’ve always felt strange. I know I’ve had that feeling since as long as I could walk. I would always see shadow figures and feel like I’m constantly being watched . Just being looked at like observing a animal at a zoo.

The first time a saw someone was my godfather . It was during 4th grade. One of my moms really close friends had cancer. A few weeks before he died , I asked him to be my godfather as I felt left out that I had none to which he agreed . One day , he just died in our living room . I saw his body when I woke up . I didn’t cry or anything . I felt as though he wasn’t gone at all but I brushed it off as you know my brain getting those feelings from it denying his death . About a year or two later in forth grade , walking inside the house I glanced into my living room and I saw him sitting on the couch . He turned towards me and looked at me and smiled in a warm way like “welcome home” . I always watched family feud when I got home from school . This particular day , no one was home but the tv was set to family feud already . When I looked back again , he was gone . I never told anyone . My grandpa had a birthday 2 days before mine . I never met him as he died a few years before I was born . Somehow whenever I heard about him , I felt strange .

On every birthday starting from my 10th I started “including” him when I had my cake . When singing I’d sing quietly to myself “happy birthday to me and grandpa” and with my candles I’d blow them out with him in mind . I didn’t really think about it , I just did it on impulse . Since then I’ve always done it. I always feel like he’s watching me , even after moving houses .

Let’s skip to the new house . When I look at his picture , I feel as though he’s behind me looking at it as well . Like he’s here too in the new house . Once when I was really upset over a incident and couldn’t fall asleep I felt as though I presence washed over me and I heard a mans voice saying “shhhh sleep Sio” which calmed me . I brushed it off as me hearing things .

It didn’t happen to me , but I think it might be helpful to mention that once my mother saw my grandpa in our old house kitchen asking for my grandmother who is still alive . She told him she wasn’t here and he left . It might also be worth mentioning that he died in the room i stayed in at my old house and he, my grandma my father and his siblings lived there in their pre adulthood years .

Now in our new house , the owners mother died here. During our first full night completely moved in , I had a dream . The owners mother was a clock . Her face would transform into a clock then re appear . I knew it was her mother even though I never saw a picture of her . She said in the dream “You have until 11 o clock to leave !” Very menacingly. In the dream , my family and aunts cousins and uncles were there . Everyone escaped but me and one of my cousin’s . She then preceded to break my back and my bones until I was deformed .

Once at 3 o clock am , the lights kept flashing in the house and I kept getting a weird feeling that I was being watched . A bad kind of feeling . I kept brushing it off until I couldn’t take it then I ran downstairs to my aunts room and laid on her couch . One complete wall was a mirror and in that mirror , I could’ve sworn I saw something glaring at me .

I’m the only one who got/gets these experiences . My mother experiences dreams mainly with the exception of my grandpa . I want to know you guys ideas on all of these . If I’m psychic or something ? No one else gets it and says It’s nothing and I’m just so paranoid and over reacting . The figures and feelings still won’t stop . Im in the same house still and it still won’t Stop . When I’m alone I keep getting the feeling I’m watched and the stairs freak and the dog always goes on alert especially when I feel freaked the most . The shadows are still appearing . Thanks For listening !



From: Raelynn

My Experience: I’m nawt using any real names, so just keep on reading. I dawn’t know if this counts as ah creepy story, but I was bewildered and shocked when this all happened.

Okay, let us begin. This is several different ones, by the way. When I was around eight years old, my family and I moved into the house where I currently still live. Things didn’t start happening until I was about twelve. I was lying in bed at night having difficulty sleepin’, which isn’t at all unusual for me. The thing that was botherin’ me was the sound that I was hearin’. It was like a soft breathing sound mixed with ah slightly deeper snoring sound. I was confused, of course, because my bed wasn’t in front of the air vent, in fact, the vent wasn’t even on. My door was closed, and my older sister couldn’t have been makin’ the noise, as she is ah heavy sleeper and doesn’t wake up for jack squat. Then, when I was about thirteen, I was walking up the stairs in my house, sensing that the environment felt hostile (I can often sense the feeling of the space that I am in, it’s ah part of my instincts) and was suddenly yanked by my ankles, making me throw my arms forwards to grab at the steps. The tugging stopped as soon as it started, and when my feet were yanked, I heard a sharp voice in my head shout ‘NO!’ It sounded like ah girl around my age. I no longer felt the hostility and was instead surrounded by ah feeling of sadness.

Skip to age Fourteen and further to present time: Age fourteen was about the time that I lost several precious friends, and even though I still had some amazing friends, I couldn’t shake off the loneliness that was surroundin’ me. My instincts became a lot stronger and I was about tah start freshman year of highschool. It was the night before the first day and I had an outfit picked out along with an awesome array of jewelry. I was again having trouble falling asleep, but slumber came soon enough. I woke up at some point in the night, knowing very well that I was awake for I had just had a dream about cake (funny, right?) and was now lyin’ in bed flat on my back with my arms crossed at my stomach. I blinked my eyes, willing myself to lean up, but found to my horror that I couldn’t move. I now think back to it and know that I was in fact experiencing sleep paralysis. I was scared tah death becausee chills were running across my skin like little breezes and once again, the vent was nawt on and my window was closed. That experience had to have been one of thah most TERRIFYIN’ moments of my life. I tried to talk but nothin’ came out ah my mouth. Tears, EXTREMELY warm tears, started streamin’ down theh sides of my face. I suddenly felt frozen and blacked out because of some wacky bullshite and woke up in the morning tah find a piece of paper next to my bed with handwriting that had to be my own on it. Reading it quickly, my jaw dropped and I also dropped theh paper. On it was written in MY handwriting: ‘don’t panic, you’re okay, love, darkness doesn’t last forever,’ about five times.

Who the bloody hell was ‘haunting’ me?

Were they the same thing that protected me from falling on the stairs?

Thank you for hearing my ‘paranormal’ experience.

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From: Travis

My Experience: Today’s something strange happened to me about an hour before I woke up I decided to go use the restroom as I got out of bed the sun rose in about one second and it was brighter in my room and everywhere on Earth than it had ever been at least that I have ever seen I dismissed this as a strange coincidence or something as anyone would about an hour later when I woke up my whole body was aching and sore and I was insanely tired as if I hadn’t slept at all I had goosebumps all over my body and my hair was standing up I noticed everything seemed a little different the first thing I noticed was my sister’s face looked slightly different in some way that I couldn’t tell I am off today and today is also payday so I decided that I go ahead and go pick up my paycheck as I was walking to my car I noticed everything looked a little different in my neighborhood everything was a lot brighter and more vibrant in color and some things weren’t as vibrant in color I was a little shocked so I looked up at the sky and gave the Sun a questioning glance so I got in my car and started heading to my work to go get my check as I was driving down the road I noticed that the streets looked different they were still black but they were slightly grey as if they had faded or something the streets were not as black as they used to be of course at this time I wasn’t thinking much of any of this, it wasn’t until I started driving that things got weird… As I was driving I noticed buildings that were not there before, buildings that had previously been abandoned or demolish or now up and running and packed with cars in their parking lots there were roads I was noticing we’re not there before even some car models I didn’t recognize nor had I ever seen before I thought about this time I pull in to work and when I walk inside I asked my coworker and friend if he felt any different today had to ask a multiple times which is what I thought was strange and his answer was no with a very strange stare, so I left and decided to go cash my check upon arriving at the bank I noticed my ex-girlfriend was the teller at the bank but the strange part about this is that up until yesterday she worked at the 7-Eleven her hair was instead of blonde it was dirty blonde I checked her name tag to make sure I’m not crazy basically sure enough it was her as she was saying I will be right with you sir I was wondering why she wasn’t recognizing me so I asked her if she remembered me and the shocking answer was no… I said I’m your ex boyfriend you dumped me because I was on drugs at the time I’m Travis don’t you remember, she thought I was crazy her car was also different. After that for some technical reason we find out that my check cannot be cashed and it’s in an unrecognizable format, I forgot to mention that the whole reason I went inside in the first place was because the ATM was not recognizing my debit card, he gave the debit card a very odd look, of course it wasn’t working either upon leaving I walked up to my ex-girlfriend and asked her how her son was her answer was how did you know I have a son, I said you really don’t remember me she said no I’m sorry I don’t, with everyone staring at me now and me looking like an insane madman I decide it’s probably time to leave before they call security, when I left I saw a path in the woods on the side of the road next to the dam that I live near and I had never seen this path before at this moment I am so shocked that I’m driving about 30 miles an hour down the highway incomplete shock of how my reality could just change so quick without any reasonable explanation, so I decided to pull the car over and walk down this path, it led to nowhere and it just seems like it kept going and going and going I left my car running on the side of the road and so I had to turn around, as I was walking back I felt as if I was being watched and I felt very strong surge of Electro type energy going through my body, I had the same feeling earlier when I had looked at the Sun, the Goosebumps were back in the hair all over my body including the hair on my head was standing straight up, my hair on my head was standing up so tall that it was like I had gel in my hair, I slapped myself as hard as I could thinking I was dreaming because that night while I was sleeping previously before this incident I had a lucid dream that felt so real that when I woke up I still felt like I was dreaming or more like I never felt like I was dreaming at all, so I thought surely I must just be dreaming, as I started to exit the path and my car started to come into view the electricity type feeling left but it left me with goosebumps that lasted for about an hour as a matter of fact they just went away, this is not the end of my story but I believe that I have woken up and a parallel universe and I say that this is not the end of my story because this just happened this morning and I’m still going through this and I have no idea what’s going on but I truly and honestly believe somehow when I went to sleep I transferred into a parallel universe and now I’m stuck here in this universe, I just spoke with my mother her stomach was growling and her body was aching as mine was she looked a little strange though to me, she had a robe on that I had never seen before, right before I arrived home I noticed the house across the street that was being built is almost done now but yesterday it was nothing but a pile of wood and a half frame, I truly believe that today I am living in a parallel universe I don’t know how this happened or how I got here who chose for me to be here but I’m here and I think I’m stuck here, I suppose I won’t know for sure until I go back to sleep and wake up again. To whoever read this thank you for taking the time to read this and my words are true this is not a story of fiction that I have conjured up I just didn’t know what else to do except for posted to the public. Thank you.


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