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From: Steven B
Subject: My Paranormal Experience

My story began on an already atmospheric evening in May 2016 at the Stewponey near Stourton. After going through a traumatic relationship breakdown I was invited by my father to join him to fish on the canal at Stewponey junction for a few hours with a family friend. The fishing itself was all in all uneventful but distant rumblings of thunder ensured we all remained alert (carbon fibre rods and lightening do not mix so I hear). At approximately 10.15 as the light has gone completely, the air was decidedly charged and it was then that I saw someone approaching on the opposite bank. Two things struck me, the first was that this person did not have a torch (quite unusual as there are no towns for quite a way along this stretch and the darkness clings to you due to the overhanging trees – even before I saw what I saw I was apprehensive of that stretch of canal even in the heights of summer). The second was that the outline of the person was quite visible but the texture was solid yet smoke-like.I was transfixed as this ‘person’ approached, trying to make sense of what I was looking at. I looked around briefly for something to use as a weapon as the presence of this person in this situation did not feel right. As the figure passed by me on the opposite bank, I was amazed to see that the legs were visible but an upper body was not. The legs moved with a floating fluidity – almost as you would on a flat escalator you would find at an airport to assist when you walk with suitcases. They not seem to be on the ground (or either above it or underneath it) and as the figure passed a barrier (near to the stourbridge/kinver signpost where the canal runs into the river stour) the legs ‘disappeared’ and the upper body was now visible, smoke-like and moving with an awkwardness that was of stark contrast to the fluidity of the legs. I watched the figure pass by and realised it would either cross the bridge to my left and walk behind me (and I could be sure of what it was) OR continue along that path. I peaked to look around the corner of my fishing umbrella and the figure appeared to turn and make its way over the bridge. I braced myself, ready to grab my bank stick if needed – I was on edge at this point and had an overwhelming feeling that I would need to defend myself. But there was nothing. No footsteps, no “good evening”, nothing. As mine was the only path there was no where logically that this figure could have gone. Thinking I had gone sporadically mad I turned to my dad and asked if he has seen what I had seen. Of course he hadn’t, his night float was positioned in a way that he was facing in the opposite direction. Typical! However, my fears that I had lost it were soon eased by the family friend, who fishing at the far end of the junction and out of earshot had seen exactly what I had seen. As this man has been a director of a funeral home for many years, he is not spooked easily and had never experienced anything until that point but he was certain that what we had seen was a ghost. Perhaps it was the ghost of Billy Howe the highwayman who was hung to rot on nearby Gibbet lane after being found guilty of murder in 1812? I did not feel comfortable in his presence if it was and I will not be going back after dark – unlike my father, who fishes there frequently, armed with a camera, just in case!


From: Lady day

My Paranormal Experience: Last night as I was sleeping I felt as if there was a presence trying to get into bed with me if felt like a man..and when I forced myself to open my eyes and look it was gone and I no longer felt something getting into bed with me… What was that???

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From: Whitney S

My Paranormal Experience: I’ve lived in several houses and experienced the doors opening by themselves as I walked by them after I had locked them the night before. Loud bangs on the bedroom walls as i was falling asleep. Strange lights in bedrooms with the lights turned off…but there was this one house i had lived in here in eastern Louisiana, that particularly made me very uneasy.

In August of 2017…My family and I had just moved in a month prior to the first occurrence. We didn’t have a washer and dryer at the time so we went to the laundromat to do our laundry for that time being. We spent the whole day out of the house and finally got home late afternoon. As my husband was talking to me in our room. Which was built off of the kitchen area, he stated that the kitchen light had come on. Okay, no big deal, he turned it back on. But as he turned back towards our room, our ceiling fan, which was right above me, had started spinning and the switch was turned off. We were creeped out immediately but we turned an eye to it and moved on with our evening.

That evening, as we were listening to our music, which was particularly louder than usual, our boys were sitting at our kitchen bar coloring and I was braiding my daughters hair on the living room couch, and husband was in our room (We lived in a mobile home so the floor plan was open and the floors had linoleum). That’s when the sound of the boy’s bucket of cars fell off of the shelf and we could all hear the cars slide across the floor. I thought that maybe they didn’t put the cars on the shelf stably and they had fallen. But I also had a very uneasy feeling from what happened earlier that afternoon. I turn the music off and went and checked the boy’s room and nothing had fallen anywhere, in any room. Everything was in its place. I thought, great something has followed me here, from my past experiences…but that wasn’t the last of it. I had feelings of being watched all the time, especially when I was home alone. I told my husband about it every day but all he could say was to ignore it. Then one night a couple of months later while I was pregnant with our 4th child, a boy. I had made the baby a blanket. I woke up in the middle of the night and was cold, so I got up to grab the blanket hanging on the side of his crib. As soon as I had the blanket in my hands, a VERY LOUD  wood-breaking-something tearing through the walls- type of sound came from our closet! I ran back to my bed and hid under the covers like a child. The sound wasn’t like anything I’ve ever heard before, and it’s really hard to describe besides it sounded like something tearing through the closet. I somehow got the courage to use the light on my phone to check out the closet. Nothing was broken or moved. It was so loud that I was amazed it didn’t wake my husband. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night and from then after either. I cried when my husband and children left for work and school. I didn’t want to be lone with whatever was in that house. I was being watched and I was genuinely scared! My daughter wouldn’t sleep in her room anymore. So I did what I was told to do while growing up, to pray whenever I was scared. The Lord’s prayer. I prayed with my kids and prayed by myself and prayed with my husband. I started saying outloud, “you don’t scare me anymore and you’re not real.” Nothing happened after I convince myself that it didn’t exist. But now, a couple of years later, it still stays with me. What happened and how I was affected by living in that house will probably always stay with me. I’m haunted by it to this day and I truly believe there is a place that exists between life and death…and beyond.

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From: Aaron

My Experience: This is a bit of a long story, and I’m not entirely certain where to start with it. To begin with, there has been an entity following and “interacting” with me since I was 9. (I am 19.) The first time I encountered her was in a dream. In the dream I was running from her in the night for whatever reason. Eventually she cornered me, and I realized I couldn’t fight her. She began to cast some kind of spell in another language, and I knelt down, and then experienced the most fantastic sensation that I can possibly describe. For future reference, let us call this the “sting.”

The sting is extremely pleasurable, and usually experienced in my solar plexus or Sacral (chakra) areas, although there is some variability going up to my heart and to my root.

After this dream, I began to experience it in my waking life and in other dreams. Whenever she appeared, she was an extremely beautiful girl, with varying appearance. I feel as though through these experiences she was communicating to me on a much deeper level than what is possible between humans.

She is also usually a combination of being extraordinarily gorgeous and moderately terrifying in a “ferocious” type of manner.

One time while I was awake and sober, I saw a shadow swimming around in some tea that I prepared. I decided to drink it anyways, and afterwards I saw a shadow fly into my room from the far end of the hallway. I followed it in, and then experienced the sting with such force that I collapsed onto the floor, “crippled” from the amazing sensation.

After several years of periodically experiencing similar things, I got into drugs. My favorite of which being hallucinogens.

I had two trips (once just one tab, the next just two tabs of regular acid.) before the most amazing and horrifying experience of my life. What I will tell you next is the “meat” of what I have to say. Posthence of this occurring, I concluded these research chemicals were worth about 60 hits of acid.

I took three hits of whatever it was sometime in early afternoon. I was still quite lucid during the first portion of the climb up. I saw symbols and sigils form within my environment and upon myself.

I got in my friends car, and was driving down the street, which appeared to be melting and stretching dramatically. We arrived at his first job, with the car parked outside of a football stadium.
Then I blasted off.

I lost who I was entirely, I melted into absolute bliss. I had no awareness of anything around me, at least not consciously.

I began to experience amazing things. Like I had just met “god” and simultaneously realized that I was god. I watched fantastic alien artifacts spawn into existence before me, disappear, and be replaced by even better artifacts and technology. Everything appeared to be radiating golden light.

My body was racked with pleasure of many sorts, physically and otherwise.

I had visions of creating the universe, and how it made sense that only a god as fucked up as me could invent such a horror, yet still enjoy it.

Apparently during those experiences, my friend was trying to get my attention, and I was repeating the names of people/things that were significant in my life. He said he was yelling at me and even shaking me to get my attention but I didn’t hardly know he was even there.

I also had points where I said things and they teleported right next to me. I remember ripping off my friends back mirror, thinking about power and what it meant. What I defined as power.

I was overwhelmed with pleasure and ecstasy in every form, however after a good bit I became numb to it. I wanted more, and I asked for more but didn’t receive it. Something did tell me I would after a “while longer” however. To which I was overjoyed. And then I began to fall into an advanced depression.

Then the “negative” portion began. It would have been a bad trip, but I was so far gone, I didn’t care about pain. I was numb yet some piece of me still found enjoyment in it.

First I began to ask myself: why do anything at all? Nothing matters. I have been everywhere and seen everything good in the world. (Or as far as I can tell, what any man can experience.) I lied down in the back of the vehicle. Then I bounced out of the depression and Into something else.

It felt like fingers were closing around my literal heart, crushing it. I didn’t care. I watched the hairs on my body grow, and become multicolored. Then there was a black “creep” that grew onto my arms and legs. It felt like it was embedding into me. My eyes along with the rest of my body soon enough. I watched myself transform into a literal demon, and then had an OBE where I saw myself explode from the car as a full fledged demon on a populated highway.

Even though I was in tremendous pain of many sorts, the truest part of myself was still having fun. I then was visited by beings that resembled people I had met in my life, except for one. They all tortured me ruthlessly in as many manners as a human can imagine. They showed me the most horrible experiences in the first person that humanity has inflicted upon itself. I’ll spare you the disturbing details.

Then I was handed a key. And once I was given that key, I heard thousands of entities attempting to escape from me. They said things like: oh shit he has it! Run! I heard engines starting, helicopters roaring, and sirens screaming. It was like a cosmic warning system for gods was sounding, proclaiming that a convict had escaped from divinities most guarded prison.

And after a good while, it just… stopped. I saw a beautiful entity spawn outside of the car. She transformed the entire world around her, including myself. She radiated golden light, and sigils formed in a colossal wave due to her presence. She purged my pain, and allowed me to perceive the most beautiful things I could imagine. Then I fell unconscious.

When I awoke, I wondered how I hadn’t died, and if I had died and was simply crammed back into my flesh.

She however, was unfathomably gorgeous. In more ways than I could understand, even in my “heightened” state. I don’t imagine I could ever forget her. The sun shown anew as well, and I saw “rainbow” colors in extraordinary vividness.

Golden haired, tanned smooth skin. I don’t recall exactly what she was wearing, or her specific eye color, but I thought it was green.

This entity is the one I formerly mentioned that has stung me in the past. It’s been a little over a year since that experience, but even still I can’t stop thinking about it. I should have died that night, or at least become a vegetable, but here I am.

Afterwards, we discovered burn marks on the ceiling of my friends car, which we have no clue how they got there. We didn’t smoke cigarettes at the time, there were no lighters and no ash trays. I personally suspect that I could have began to legitimately transform into something else, or my temperature skyrocketed to the point that I actually did burn it simply by touching it. But that doesn’t explain how I got out of it unscathed.

When I woke up I was completely sober, but far beyond any level of natural shock. I could barely speak to my friend for the rest of the night and the next day.

Just a few weeks to a month ago, this being spoke to me in a dream for the first time, in english. For what she said to make any sense I need to give some context. I’ve always been enamored with the occult, and have studied everything from it, to religion, to sciences (theoretical and otherwise.) and have been delving deeper into it to try and find a sense of purpose in my existence. That and to find out what and who she is. I began actually delving into the occult around the time I was 14.

She talked with me about the progress I have been making “Towards her dimension” now while I’m not certain of what that means, but I have a few basic ideas.


From: Jetsky
My Experience: I was in the bath and I was having problems and as I rolled over on my side and as i did so I saw this ribbon of light float in front of me and vanish into thin air. um…. what the hell was that? no idea or exclamation of what it could be. I was fully awake and i don’t drink or do drugs. the water wasn’t too hot and i know i didn’t imagine it. help? I’m lost.


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