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  1. I will try to continue on this stuff and if anyone can explain about this or can help please contact me at

    1. What state do you live in

  2. hi i dont know if you can help me but ive been having things happen to me in my house like my bum beeing touched in my kitchen and my shoulder being pushed down in my living room and cold breezes around me and the last two weeks ive been scared to sleep as when i do just doze of it feels like im being choked and i wake up having trouble breathing .its scaring me so much .please can anyone help me

    1. sage your house. get out anything that’s harmful.

  3. I am Mody and i like to help people who have unexplained situations and experiences i can help you just cantact me at
    I will help you
    I respond to any Message sent to me so i wont ignore you

  4. I seen medievalist monk mid air half out half in my mirror something with him inside mirror and u derneath what looks like black angel does anyone know what this could mean?

  5. 2003 I met a neighbour witch. HE was into witchcraft,buddism,zen,magic. I also met his wife.

    One night I have a strange dream.I fall asleep in my dream and it turns to red and a man chants and then his wife chants. Then my chest vibrates.A conjuration/spirit.

    I have now had a spirit inside me for 14 years where it vibrated/It is like a force of super fear/a ball of fear.It is horror. like crack demon.

    2002 Before I met the witch I had a dream, but it was real. I fell to hell/lava. Just my head/soul. Far down.

    Then I was offered some drums for my music production software. Called Toontrack Drums From HELL. Then I meet the witch. So he took me to HELL. 14 years now I have had a demon inside me.

  6. I believe you, I never told anyone until now I am opening up to the world. In the 60’s you dare not talk about the paranormal without anyone thinking that your crazy or a mental person.
    I had the experience of being levitated, grabbed, thrown off my bed and being lifted and slam around my tiny room.
    so, I do believe in the paranormal, because it happen to me. Im even trying to get someone to hypnotize me about what did happen to me. what I’ll be afraid of is…what if I get attacked again and what happen if I get levitated in front of these people.
    today I am now 61 years old and once in a million I can feel it coming or I sense spirits.
    if you know an expert that is willing to tell my story, have them contact me…

  7. I need help or many possibly answer as to what this might be.

    I was sleeping over at my best friend’s house, watching movies and drinking, but I wasn’t drunk, just kinda sober. We were saying good night and I went into the guest room and had just laid down and began resting. As I was about to fall asleep I hear the door open up. I saw a tall dark figure standing there and looked exactly like my best friend. But it had dark circles around the eyes. I asked if she was okay and there was no answer. Suddenly the dark tall figure turned around and began moving towards the bathroom. I was like what the hell just happened? I got up from the bed and followed her, suddenly I see the dark figure going through the wall and went outside and quickly disappeard. I then hear my best friend in her room snoring and sleeping good.

    And here’s another one;

    I was living with my fiance and the house we lived in was a very old house. It was from the WW2. We were both asleep, I could feel something staring at me. I opened my eyes and saw a man standing there and looked kinda pissed and I have no idea why. I tried to push myself closer to the middle in the bed, but no matter how much I tried I didn’t move an inch. The man walked towards me and began choking me. I tried to fight it and I tried to scream, but nothing no sound escaped. Finally as the man had disappeard and I could finally sleep again, I was kinda terrified to go to sleep again the nights after. I told my fiance about what happened and thank God he had a wooden cross and placed it on the wall. After that night I haven’t had a similar night since so far. So I’m really considering buying a wooden cross myself and hang it on the wall. I’ve also been having alot of sleeping paralyzing like most people call it.

    Anyone had any similar experiences?

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