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Were they demons in my bedroom?

Your Name: Breanna

My Story: When I was about 4 or 5 I lived in a apartment at the time and I had a scary experience. I remember I would always have scary dreams were this ugly creature would kill me in front of my mom. I always felt a evil presence around me and I constantly got sick with high fever. One night I was really scared because I had a feeling something was in the room with me; so I just pulled the covers over my head and tried to go to sleep. For some reason I decided to look around my room and when I did I saw this pitch black figure standing about 6ft just staring at me. I was in shock so I just stared at it for awhile and decided to ask who he was, but I got no answer. I felt so much evil at that moment so I screamed for my dad, my dad ran in and the figure was still there but its like he didn’t see it, so he turned the light on and the figure turned into smoke and disappeared. After that night I never wanted to go back in there but my parents made me. Another night I was trying to go to sleep but I heard a voice saying my name and it sounded like my mom but I knew she was asleep, so I got out of bed anyway and started walking down the hallway but I felt like someone was behind me so I turned around and that same black figure was behind me but I ignored it and continued walking. I entered my parents room and I noticed my dad wasn’t there but I noticed my mom was being held by three tall figures and they started talking to me but I don’t remember what they were saying. Nothing else happened after that and I eventually moved. Recently I ha e been seeing a lot of black crows around my house and I was wondering what that meant. From my experience I believe that figure in my room was a demon and the other three were also demons.

A teacher with a lifetime of paranormal experiences

Your Name: Sarah

My Story: Ever since I was little I have experienced some strange things which I really can’t explain. I have felt, heard and seen things and as I have gotten older it has became stronger. My Dad is also in the same boat. As a child, I was lying face down on my bed when I felt something jump on top of me, lying along my back. It felt to me like an adult. I squirmed and kicked and after about 15 seconds I felt the weight leave. There was nothing there.

I have seen blue orbs in my living room, however I felt very calm when I saw those. I hear someone walking around my house, opening cupboards and doors. I have a strong sense of being watched, especially at night. I have seen demonic type apparitions near cemeteries (I am not religious, I don’t know if that makes a difference). I have seen a figure of a black shadow man (that’s the only way I can describe it). I would have assumed I was just seeing things however my dog was sitting on my lap and looked at the exact same spot, growling. It was a large, masculine shape. My mood changes in different areas of my house and random times. I have moved house a few times and the issues have been in every house, only aimed at my Dad and myself. My mother and brother have experienced nothing. Over the past 2 years I have woken up in different areas of my house, sometimes with one area of my body in pain. I am getting more concerned lately as I am moving out with my boyfriend soon and I am worried he will be effected.

I have told a few people about these occurrences and they laugh or say I am crazy. I feel like an entirely normal person, I am a teacher, I live in a nice area, I have a normal job and am very happy. I don’t know who to talk to about this and I think I need some advice!


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A devil like monkey creature use to wake me up

Submitted by:Rebecca

My Story: My story is more of a question. I am 45 yrs old now but when I was about 17 or 18 I was visitied by a devil like monkey creature several times. It always happened when I was alone. This 2 or 3 ft creature would wake me up and sit on my back snarling and showing its many thin sharp teeth. It was saying something to me but maybe in another language. It was heavy and I couldn’t move but I could speak and it would put its face right down in mine while it was sitting on my back. It scared me at first but after a few visits I started to scream back at it and finally told it I believed in God and He would protect me so leave me alone. I’ve never seen it since…Thank You God! Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything like that. This was not a dream to me, but always happened while I was trying to sleep. I could feel its weight on my back and even though it was only 2 or 3 ft. it felt very heavy. I could not get up. I even remember feeling it slobber on my face while it was yelling at me. Has anyone ever experienced ything like that?

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