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Is a spirit/force trying to choke me?

Your Name: Jebi Rajan

My Story: My experiences are not much common. If any one has anything to help me with any thing, it would be a big favor. The thing which is often happening with me is that i wake up semi – consciously and i feel a spirit/force on me trying to choke me.. i cant move my hands or legs.. its very slow if i can.. and i am not sure if its trying to choke me.. i get a different feeling.. which is very difficult to help.. but you know its not a good feeling.. so please help me anyone.. i dont know what i have done wrong. i am a good person.. never would do anything bad.. why is this happening with me? help.

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The sighting of the spirit of a sad tall man outside Starbucks

Your Name: Maddie

My Story: I see ghosts fairly frequently, in my home, in town, in my friends houses on school trips. But, one particular incident really freaked me out and still does to this day. You know when you get those dreams when you’re just nodding off where you’ll suddenly hit the ground or something and you wake up suddenly? Well I was just nodding off and I was drifting in and out so sometimes I was in a dream, other times I could see my room. Then, I looked out the side of my bed and saw a little boy lean into me and I figured it was in my dream, until the little boy drove a knife at me with speed and I was so shocked, I opened my eyes instantly and sat up. It took my breath away for a bit but it wasn’t until the morning that I properly realised it wasn’t a dream. Another time I was sitting in Starbucks and my mum went to the loo and I just sat looking out the window. A man walked past, very slowly, and I just studied him for a moment, noticing his grey-ish face, sad expression, tall thin body, dull clothing. I looked up the road and two women with a pushchair each and 3 or 4 children between them were approaching and I thought how amuzing it would be seeing the man trying to get past them. But, he did, with ease. I didn’t exactly see him go through them, but they didn’t acknowledge him, didn’t even look at him. They carried on chatting and the man seemed to continue on up the road, staring in the same direction the whole time. At this point my Mum came back from the toilet and I looked at her, then back at the man, and he was gone. I explained this to her and she was too creeped out but we’ve both got used to me seeing spirits. I’d just rather not experience anymore bad spirits!
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A little spirit girl messed up my friends bedroom and groomed her dolls

Your Name:  Kimmy Hughes

My Story Just want to share this…Never really thought about this until reading some of the storys on here. I was only young anyway so not something that i would remember. I was about 7 maybe 8. A friend of mine whom i use to be fairly close to (We were born on the same day, same hospital. Thats how our mothers met) She use to live in a lovely house in the country her parents still do. Quite old, Think it may of been a farm years ago as they found remains (Bones of cattle under there lawn when building a extention) Anyway in the summer holidays my younger sister and i use to go stay there. We loved it all the feilds to run around and that.
It wasnt until quite recently when Leah’s mum was round my parents house seeing my mum. we got talking about old summers. And she said about a little girl (Spirt) that use to mess leahs room up and hide things. She said it very calm as if it was perfectly normal that leah had a girl entering her room and ‘messing’ it up. Apparently leah use to talk about her all the time. She made a bit of a joke of it. Saying it got to a point when she had to tell leah not to say stuff as people would think its odd. We carryed on talking. i then found out that leah was quite prone to seeing things in the house. Never bad things. over the years she had seen a man at the top of the stairs altho she was to young to remember. Leahs mum went on to say that her dolls and things would go missing and return all perfect and groomed with no answers to how. Also that when we stayed it seemed to help the ‘situation’ as she put it. She then explained that since leah started uni that things would happen almost everyday , like car keys going missing for example. Leah has been in uni now for almost 3 years. Leahs mum has since had the house blessed and things are alot more calmer now. The spirital medium said that she put her to ‘rest’ but the girl wanted to know when the three girls would be returning to play?….I cant remember anything about a girl at Leahs house. Either can my sister. Any body else had anything like this from your childhood?

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