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Precognition, Time distortion, Out of body experiences, Disembodied voices and UFO sightings.

Your Name: A.R.A

My Story: My initial memories of a lifetime of these type of experiences are from my childhood and early 20’s.
These events were strange and extremely varied during that period including what I would now term, Precognition, Time distortion, Out of body experiences, Disembodied voices and UFO sightings.
In the Late 1990’s, myself and my then girlfriend (Now my wife) moved into our first home together. To say things escalated in regards to my experiences at that point would be a major understatement.
Not long after moving in a Jigsaw puzzle box was flung into the air in the living room about six feet away from us whilst we were watching TV together; from that moment on until we left the house all sorts of frightening and incredible events occured.
Bright light pouring through the walls of the house in the middle of the night and sleep paralysis, unknown people talking, furniture being moved, I once bumped into someone / something that wasnt there in the living room and when I reached out it felt cold and hard (like metallic) and then it was gone. On one occasion Something hit me in the chest, although I think I walked into it rather than it hit me, this was also invisible but could be felt.
Our home was broken into several times but nothing was ever taken, Early one winter morning I leaped out of bed as the house alarm had been triggered to find everything in the kitchen going crazy; appliances, kitchen doors you name it all rattling and opening and closing it was just mayhem. In the end it all happened so often we got the alarm disconnected as the neighbours were beginning to lose their patience with us and I did not blame them one bit, but what could I tell them? The final straw came when we brought our first child home from the hospital and the events intensified. That was it. We sold the house and moved to the outskirts of the city. Thankfully to this day there have been no more experiences of any kind apart from the occasional deja vu or lost set of keys, I often wonder whether the experiences stopped because we moved as I had them for many years prior to living in that house or that I became too old for whatever purpose i previously served for whatever was going on. I am now nearly 50 years old and thankfully live a much more sedate existance, I like sometimes pretend it all never really happened, but I am only kidding myself.
It was real alright. But also thankfully now in the past.

A five year haunting forced us to move home

Your Name: Natalie

My Story: When my family first were told we were moving, we were all very excited. On the day before moving, I went into the empty house to straighten up and prepare for my family to move in, I wanted to take another look around, before the kids came over and everything got busy.
As I was walking around the house, I heard footsteps upstairs, I shouted up the stairs but no-one answered. I went up and looked around and one particular bedroom felt very cold. I felt uneasy and left the house to return the following day with our furniture and the rest of the family.
About a month after moving in, I felt very depressed, there was no reason to, everything was good, my husband was working and the kids seemed happy. But I just couldnt shake this feeling of depression, anxiety and fear of something bad happening. Things started to happen slowly, cupboard doors in the kitchen would all open and close on their own, footsteps would be heard every morning around 2am, and things would be moved from one place to the next. The kids would not sleep upstairs, because they said they felt an overwhelming feeling of being watched in their rooms at night, and toys would be moved around.
So as time went on, we all slept downstairs, one night I was in the living room with the kids sleeping around me, my husband was working. I looked up from the tv, and there staring through the glass window of the door, was a young girl. She had long blond hair, very pale and was wearing something white, I could just see the top of her shoulders.
The young girl continued to manifest herself infront of my eldest daughter during the day and night, and in front of me and my husband a few times.
My depression became very severe and I couldnt stand being on my own in the house. I felt like I was being dragged down by something everyday, and became suicidal.
Then, one evening, my eldest daughter came downstairs very frightened and said she had seen an old woman laying in her bed. She explained the air had turned very cold and for a moment she could not move with fear. On the same night, I was dragged across my bed by my ankles whilst going to sleep. The same thing happened to my daughter.
The haunting continued in the five years we were there, and eventually we had to move.
It was a frightening experience for us all.

Paralysed with fear as I lay in my bed

Your Name: Jessika

My Story: I was at my friends house and we were going to bed. I was laying there waiting to doze off when I felt something sit down on the bed behind me ( I’m on the edge of the bed ) I tried to turn over to see what was on the bed and it was like i was paralysed with fear. I could not move or speak, I tried to say my friends name but nothing would come out. As I lay there the worst feeling overcame me, like all the happiness in the world was gone. After about 5 minutes the feeling vanished and I could move & speak… I dont know what it was but I’ll definitely be sleeping with a light on.

What is the black figure that tried to choke my brother?

Your Name:Lauren

My Story: I have experienced things, felt things, and seen things ever since I was little. But this experience didn’t happen TO me but only happens AROUND me. So when I was younger I would have bad dreams and I would ask one of my older brothers to come sleep in the bed with me. One night when I was about 5 or 6, I asked my oldest brother to sleep in my room and he did. Later on that night, he said he awoke to a black figure over him (mind you i”m sleeping in the bed right next to him). He says that the figure began choking him and he was trying to scream and wake me up and yell for my parents but he couldn’t move or speak. He says he knows he wasn’t dreaming, it was as real as anything else he’s experienced. The next day he told me and my family about his experience, and til this day he will not stay in my room. I am now 21 years old and when my brother stays at my house he has seen the same black figure but only around my bedroom, outside of my door, never anywhere else. But whatever it is has not threatened my safety or made me feel uncomfortable. Could be a guardian??

A teacher with a lifetime of paranormal experiences

Your Name: Sarah

My Story: Ever since I was little I have experienced some strange things which I really can’t explain. I have felt, heard and seen things and as I have gotten older it has became stronger. My Dad is also in the same boat. As a child, I was lying face down on my bed when I felt something jump on top of me, lying along my back. It felt to me like an adult. I squirmed and kicked and after about 15 seconds I felt the weight leave. There was nothing there.

I have seen blue orbs in my living room, however I felt very calm when I saw those. I hear someone walking around my house, opening cupboards and doors. I have a strong sense of being watched, especially at night. I have seen demonic type apparitions near cemeteries (I am not religious, I don’t know if that makes a difference). I have seen a figure of a black shadow man (that’s the only way I can describe it). I would have assumed I was just seeing things however my dog was sitting on my lap and looked at the exact same spot, growling. It was a large, masculine shape. My mood changes in different areas of my house and random times. I have moved house a few times and the issues have been in every house, only aimed at my Dad and myself. My mother and brother have experienced nothing. Over the past 2 years I have woken up in different areas of my house, sometimes with one area of my body in pain. I am getting more concerned lately as I am moving out with my boyfriend soon and I am worried he will be effected.

I have told a few people about these occurrences and they laugh or say I am crazy. I feel like an entirely normal person, I am a teacher, I live in a nice area, I have a normal job and am very happy. I don’t know who to talk to about this and I think I need some advice!


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