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Is a spirit/force trying to choke me?

Your Name: Jebi Rajan

My Story: My experiences are not much common. If any one has anything to help me with any thing, it would be a big favor. The thing which is often happening with me is that i wake up semi – consciously and i feel a spirit/force on me trying to choke me.. i cant move my hands or legs.. its very slow if i can.. and i am not sure if its trying to choke me.. i get a different feeling.. which is very difficult to help.. but you know its not a good feeling.. so please help me anyone.. i dont know what i have done wrong. i am a good person.. never would do anything bad.. why is this happening with me? help.

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A little girl called Tanya and other paranormal experiences

Your Name: Jenae

My Story: Through out my life I have had many paranormal experiences. Kindergarden at my grandmothers I have seen shadows, orbs, voices, and felt as if being watched, but never scared i figured its because we lived across the street from a cemetry. 1st grade I was ready to go to sleep, I layed down and a mans face stared at me just his face. 4th grade I felt scared to walk in my house, I felt as if im being watched. 5th grade we i was with my Auntie we heard foot steps walking upstairs in my room and hallway we thought someone broke in but when we looked up the stairs the foot steps were right in front of us and then stopped. My bed had shaked one night as if my mom were waking me up for school I woke up and darkness was around me room i could barely see out of my window. 8th grade I walked to the kitchen around 5:30am to make breakfast before i turned the light on there was a little girl staring at me i turned the light on and she dissapeared. 11th grade My dad had dreams about me being trapped with a dark presence we have noticed doors opening and closing tvs turned on things missplaced in weird places. one night my blankets were being pulled off of me i was being watched but i could not see who was watching. 12th grade I was sleeping then for three nights straight at exactly 3:17am i would wake up not being able to breath, talk or move then finally i could talk on the third night my boyfriend stood on the phone with me he heard a strange sound like a groan and then i gasped for air he screamed my name then he decribed me as disorientated because that night i dont even remember falling asleep i woke up to my mom calling around 3pm. 12 grade i moved in with my boyfriend and things died down until one night we argued i went to bed alone then i woke up not being able to talk with something pulling my legs apart finally i gained control and saw the my boyfriend had been trying to get in the room because the door was sealed shut the blankets were pulled off. things died down for a few months the again my legs were being pulled apart i couldnt move for about 5 minutes then it went away. One night i had a dream about a girl she was dead at first in my dream i m not sure if it was her but something tried to kill me first it was darkness dragging me into my room, then it tried to suffocate me with the shower curtain , in the dream i got a call on my phone it was the girl she sang a song for her father then she said she wanted a friend i asked her name she said Tanya exactly how its spelled in my dream she showed herself to me she was a little girl about 10 years old. I did not know what she wanted. Since then sometimes i feel a dark energy around me and i get scared but sometimes i feel happy for no reason. I dont know what to make of it but till this day I still feel something. Understand every grade was a different house we had to move a lot.


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A teacher with a lifetime of paranormal experiences

Your Name: Sarah

My Story: Ever since I was little I have experienced some strange things which I really can’t explain. I have felt, heard and seen things and as I have gotten older it has became stronger. My Dad is also in the same boat. As a child, I was lying face down on my bed when I felt something jump on top of me, lying along my back. It felt to me like an adult. I squirmed and kicked and after about 15 seconds I felt the weight leave. There was nothing there.

I have seen blue orbs in my living room, however I felt very calm when I saw those. I hear someone walking around my house, opening cupboards and doors. I have a strong sense of being watched, especially at night. I have seen demonic type apparitions near cemeteries (I am not religious, I don’t know if that makes a difference). I have seen a figure of a black shadow man (that’s the only way I can describe it). I would have assumed I was just seeing things however my dog was sitting on my lap and looked at the exact same spot, growling. It was a large, masculine shape. My mood changes in different areas of my house and random times. I have moved house a few times and the issues have been in every house, only aimed at my Dad and myself. My mother and brother have experienced nothing. Over the past 2 years I have woken up in different areas of my house, sometimes with one area of my body in pain. I am getting more concerned lately as I am moving out with my boyfriend soon and I am worried he will be effected.

I have told a few people about these occurrences and they laugh or say I am crazy. I feel like an entirely normal person, I am a teacher, I live in a nice area, I have a normal job and am very happy. I don’t know who to talk to about this and I think I need some advice!


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Do spirits make a bee line to a door they know is open?

Your Name: Steve C

My Story: I use to have frequent visits from spirits in my bedroom at night, it started with hearing soft footsteps in the carpet at the side of the bed and the cat sitting upright moving it’s head and eyes left to right and back again as though someone was pacing the room. As the weeks passed I forgot about it until I was lying in bed with my arm under the pillow, and my hand hanging over the top of the bed when I felt a small tug on one of my fingers, then again, I ignored it to start with thinking it was just a nerve twitching. The next night it happened again but this time it was my whole hand, and I could physically feel another hand on mine, it felt small, like a childs hand, it was warm and gentle but that did’nt stop me from being startled by it and my pulse going into overdrive… over the course of the next few weeks I had many visits from spirits, one of them was a short gentleman, wearing a roughly made suit with baggy trousers and a cap, quite dirty looking and rugged, he appeared in the corner of the room near the door night after night and we just stared at each other. One night my wife woke as he stood there and she started screaming, she was screaming there’s a man in the room, there’s someone standing in the corner, this was the first time she had ever had such an experience and so I told her he had been visiting for a while but he didn’t speak and so I was unsure of what he wanted even though I had asked on one of his visits. He didn’t come back for a few nights, but when he did I could sense something was different, I sat up in the bed and as soon as I had I could see he was holding the hand of a small girl aged 4 or 5 years old. He spoke for the first time and simply said “she is lost”, the little girl looked up at the man and he nodded with approval, she turned back to me and asked if she could stay with us and if I would look after her. It was all a bit surreal, I was having a conversation with a spirit in my room and they were asking the impossible… I had to say no and at that the man rubbed the little girls shoulder, they both turned and left the room and I did’t see them again. I was then inundated with spirit for weeks afterwards, until I stopped acknowledging their presence. For a time, I was having so many visits my wife was considering that I may have some form of personality disorder. I believe that when you accept a spirit that the news travels in the spirit world and they make a bee line for the door they know is open. Strangely though, when my mum passed away I was sure I would receive her but I didn’t, just hints that she is near, little things that I know are her.

The sighting of the spirit of a sad tall man outside Starbucks

Your Name: Maddie

My Story: I see ghosts fairly frequently, in my home, in town, in my friends houses on school trips. But, one particular incident really freaked me out and still does to this day. You know when you get those dreams when you’re just nodding off where you’ll suddenly hit the ground or something and you wake up suddenly? Well I was just nodding off and I was drifting in and out so sometimes I was in a dream, other times I could see my room. Then, I looked out the side of my bed and saw a little boy lean into me and I figured it was in my dream, until the little boy drove a knife at me with speed and I was so shocked, I opened my eyes instantly and sat up. It took my breath away for a bit but it wasn’t until the morning that I properly realised it wasn’t a dream. Another time I was sitting in Starbucks and my mum went to the loo and I just sat looking out the window. A man walked past, very slowly, and I just studied him for a moment, noticing his grey-ish face, sad expression, tall thin body, dull clothing. I looked up the road and two women with a pushchair each and 3 or 4 children between them were approaching and I thought how amuzing it would be seeing the man trying to get past them. But, he did, with ease. I didn’t exactly see him go through them, but they didn’t acknowledge him, didn’t even look at him. They carried on chatting and the man seemed to continue on up the road, staring in the same direction the whole time. At this point my Mum came back from the toilet and I looked at her, then back at the man, and he was gone. I explained this to her and she was too creeped out but we’ve both got used to me seeing spirits. I’d just rather not experience anymore bad spirits!
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